Ser Loren is the Castellan of Ashemark. He was raised in the city and became close friends with Lord Aethan Marbrand during his teenage years.

Ser Loren
Castellan of Ashemark
Culture Westerman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 335 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Sums
Negative Traits Infertile
Liege Lord Aethan Marbrand
Spouse Octavia
Favoured Weapons Sword and Shield
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

History Edit

Loren was born in Ashemark to one of Lord Lorent Marbrand's advisors. He grew up in the keep along side, the now Lord, Aethan Marbrand. The two did not really get to know each other until their teen years when they would go out and practice their falconry together. When the two were out setting their falcon on prey, Loren fell off his horse and was impaled in the groin, leading to his infertility. Aethan would never let him live that moment down, even to today he jests about the time "Loren got the stick shoved in his prick." After showing promise in his sums and higher intelligence than other men, Aethan made him Castellan of Ashemark when he became Lord.

Recent Events Edit

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