Lorella Allyrion
Scion of House Allyrion
Lorella Allyrion
Culture Salty Dornish
Aliases Nymeria Martell
Gender Female
Date of Birth 346
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Alchemy, Covert, Dagger Proficiency
Negative Traits Infertile
Liege Prince Olyvar Martell
Favoured Weapons Daggers
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Lorella Allyrion is the daughter of Lord Ywin Allyrion and Loreza Sand. The youngest of five siblings, Lorella is a distant relation to the Martell family. She is titled Lady of Godsgrace.

Appearance Edit

Lorella is the spitting image of Nymeria Martell, both reed tall and curvaceous, with wide green eyes and thick hair. While Nymeria sports dark brown, near black hair, Lorella consistently dyes her chestnut-brown locks to match the queen.

History Edit

She grew up with the love and familiar bond of her distant cousins, spending her childhood in the Water Gardens and teenage years at court with her family. She and Nymeria learned the difficulties and poetics of politics before their seventeenth namedays, knew the histories of the realm and beyond by their twentieth, and each others habits long before that. Lorella Allyrion had been born for the sole purpose of the princess' decoy, an act she would gladly play.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Lorella accompanied Nymeria throughout Westeros.

Family Edit

  • Ywin Allyrion, father
  • Loreza Sand, mother

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