Lachlan Corbray
Lord of Heart's Home
Culture Valemen


Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 346 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Martially Adept
Skills Swords (Renown), Fortifier
Negative Traits -
Liege Jasper Arryn
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives Father, (Dale Corbray) (328-368)

Mother, (Amberly Moore) (328-352)

Sister, (Bronte Corbray) (b. 352)

Favoured Weapons Lady Forlorn (Valyrian steel sword)
Reddit Username Loki522
Alternate Characters

Lachlan Corbray is the firstborn child and only son of Dale Corbray and Amberly Moore. He is the current Lord of Heart's Home and head of House Corbray. Lachlan is a renown swordsman and wielder of the House Corbray Valyrian steel blade Lady Forlon. He is currently 22 years of age.

Appearance Edit

Lachlan is taller than most standing at 6'3, which has been a slight help in many battles, often having more reach on his opponents. He sees the world through amber eyes that have a sort of softness about them. Neatly cropped light brown hair sits above his head and compliments his tanned and toned body from years of martial training and battles.

History Edit

Lachlan began his martial training at the young age of 8 years old, he excelled in all areas of combat, swordsmanship especially, knowing that he would one day inherit his family's Valyrian steel sword Lady Forlorn.

At the age of 15 Lachlan was left to rule over Heart's Home while his lord father attended a feast in The Eyrie. Heart's Home was attacked by the mountain clans and looked to be all but lost until Lachlan took command, rallied his men and charged a last ditch assault which hammered the clansmen's numbers. Lachlan fought the clans chieftain in single combat, calling upon all his martial prowess to defeat and kill a deadly, experienced warrior, three times his age. Once the battle was over Lachlan was knighted immediately, earning both the respect and loyalty of his men.

Recent Events Edit

Lachlan's father Lord Dale Corbray passed away in the year 368 AC after contracting a severe fever. Dale's last words to his son where to "Take our house to its deserved glory." Words that Lachlan will never forget.

Once Lord Lachlan had inherited his family home and blade, he quickly set to training and preparing his troops for the upcoming battles that were sure to come.

Lachlan led 20 Corbray men at arms to Riverrun to join the rest of the Vale and Riverland lords in slaying the dragon Viserion. Upon arriving at the gates of Riverrun Lachlan met the mute sellsword Tom Stone, who agreed to join him and his men. Lachlan also met and brokered an alliance with Lord Willam Belmore. He was then introduced to Ser Bertram Hersey, the captain of Lord Benjen Hunter's guards. Whilst talking to Ser Bertram, House Corbray's camp was lit ablaze by unknown assailants. Half a dozen tents were destroyed, but thanks to the bravery of Tom Stone, who jumped through blazing fires, the majority of the food and supplies were saved. After Stone's inspiring display of courage, Lord Lachlan offered him a place as his personal guard, which Stone gladly accepted.

Family Edit

  • His Father, (Dale Corbray) (328-368)
  • His Mother, (Amberly Moore) (328-352)
  • His Sister, (Bronte Corbray) (b. 352)
  • His Nephew and squire, (Donald Moore) (b. 357)

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