Jynessa Royce
Culture Andal
Gender Female
Date of Birth 344 AL
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Negative Traits
Liege Eon Arryn
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Gwayne Royce

Andros Royce
Eon Arryn
Tamyra Arryn
Kennos Arryn
Sharra Arryn

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username NPC
Alternate Characters
Jynessa Royce is the only daughter of Gwayne Royce and Elene Arryn. A twin to her brother Robar, they are the youngest of their siblings after their elder brothers, Byron and Andros.

Appearance Edit

Jynessa is described as a tall and willowy brunette with eyes like liquid gold.

Recent Events Edit

Jynessa and her twin, Robar, accompany their cousin Sharra Arryn to Riverrun from Gulltown. She attends the younger girl as one of her handmaidens.

Family Edit

  • Gwayne Royce, her father
  • › Elene Arryn, her mother
    • Byron Royce, her brother
    • Andros Royce, her brother
    • Robar Royce, her twin
  • Jasper Arryn, her deceased uncle
  • › Gwyndelyn Hightower, her aunt
    • Osgood Arryn, her deceased cousin
    • › His wife, also deceased, Esmei Moore
      • Their children, also deceased, Denys Arryn, Lyna Arryn, and Janyce Arryn
    • Mellara Arryn, her deceased cousin
    • Donnel Arryn, her deceased cousin
    • › His wife, also deceased, Jeyne Hunter
      • Their daughter, also deceased, Alyce Arryn
    • Marwyn Arryn, her deceased cousin
    • › His wife, also deceased, Jocelyn Hersey
      • Their sons, also deceased, Harlen Arryn and Mychel Arryn
    • Nestor Arryn, her deceased cousin
    • Anya Belmore (nee Arryn), her deceased cousin
    • › Her husband, also deceased, Mandon Belmore
      • Their son, Endrew Belmore
    • Tamyra Arryn, her cousin
    • Eon Arryn, her cousin
    • Kennos Arryn, her cousin
    • Sharra Arryn, her cousin
  • Her uncle, Ronnel Arryn
  • › His deceased wife, Marsei Waynwood
    • Theona Arryn, her cousin

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