Ser Jorah Vyrwel is an exiled knight from the Reach and Serjeant of the Golden Company, he is the first born son of Lady Alora and Lord Seldan Vyrwel, head of house Vyrwel and Lord of Darkdell.

Jorah Vywrel
Exiled Knight
Ser Jorah nº1
Culture Andal
  • Serjeant of the Golden Company
  • Gender Male
    Date of Birth 333 AC
    Date of Death Still Alive
    Gifts Strength
    Skills Great Sword Engineer
    Negative Traits None
    Liege None
    Spouse None
    Children None
    Relatives Seldan Vyrwel
    Favoured Weapons Great Sword Longsword
    Reddit Username /u/Huugz
    Alternate Characters None

    Appearance Edit

    Jorah has bright brown eyes and long brown hair, defined cheekbones with a scruffy beard and a seemingly insane smile. He is a born warrior, and most of his skills lie in the area of martial expertise, because of this, he has toned muscles.

    History Edit

    Jorah is the eldest son of Lady Alora and Lord Seldan Vyrwel, head of House Vyrwel and Lord of Darkdell. He was born and raised in the Vyrwel family seat of Darkdell.

    At the age of ten, Jorah was sent to squire for Ser Tylar Hewett, brother of his mother Lady Alora. Three years later, while still a squire, he won his first tourney melee.

    Born a strong boy, he was meant to be a warrior and was trained to serve that purpose. Since the day he could hold a wooden sword, his father trained him to be the best he could. At the age of sixteen, he proved everyone he was a skilled fighter when he slayed two outlaws that were part of a group of criminals. After six months of pursuing this group, he was able to kill the leader alongside his father and the father of his mother, Lord Markos Hewett, which knighted Jorah in the battlefield.

    When he reached the age of twenty-two, his little brother Davis was murdered by a criminal that wanted his horse, Jorah saw all this as he was horse riding with Davis. Unable to kill the man before he was caught by his father’s soldiers, the murderer was put in a cell to wait for his trial. In that same night, Jorah sneaked into the cells area and killed the man by giving him a slow death. His father, Lord Seldan Vyrwel was forced to exile his heir the day after.

    Ser Jorah Vyrwel was sent to Essos, where he roamed without any purpose for a few years. Eventually, he found himself in Pentos where he joined the Golden Company to do what he does best. Being a strong and disciplined man helped him through the ranks and after fighting a good number of battles for the Golden Company he learned how to capture strongholds. After a few of those contracts of war, he was promoted to the rank of Serjeant of the Golden Company where he was able to help organise and lead his own men to battle.

    Recent Events Edit

    He now finds himself in the rank of Serjeant with a good number of brothers-in-arms at his command.

    Family Edit

    • His father, Seldan Vyrwel (b. 307), Lord of Darkdell, head of House Vyrwel.
    • His mother, Alora Vyrwel (b. 311 - d. 352).
    • His brother, Davis Vyrwel (b. 348 - d. 355).

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