Culture Riverman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 349 AC
Date of Death
Negative Traits
Liege Lucion Lannister
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Jeyne is a travelling companion and servant of Marissa Lannister, and was previously a spy for Alayne Baelish.

Appearance Edit

Jeyne is described as having a similar appearance to Marissa Lannister, with a thin face and red lips, and long red hair.

History Edit

Jeyne was born in the Westerlands, however was raised in the Riverlands after her mother was expelled from the west. She grew up a servant in Harrenhal, and earned the companionship of Alayne Baelish.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Jeyne was at Harrenhal, and served as a servant to the Lords and Ladies of the Realm. Late in the evening during the feast, Jeyne found herself in bed with Martyn Lannister, and pleaded to take him Westward with her. Aftewards, she approached Alayne Baelish and was allowed to go westward so long as she developed a spy ring within Casterly Rock.

Agreeing, Jeyne accompanied the Lannisters west and learned she was pregnant not soon after. She was part of the group who escaped Casterly Rock after Gerion Lannister died. Since then, Jeyne has accompanied Marissa around Westeros, and currently resides in Highgarden with her.

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