Jamie Jast
Lord of Leohaus Hall
Culture Westerman
Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 345 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Vitality
Skills Lance, Horse Riding
Negative Traits -
Liege King Lucion Lannister
Spouse Falyse Lannister
Children -
Relatives -
Favoured Weapons Lance
Reddit Username /u/LordJast
Alternate Characters High Septon Terrance

Jamie Jast is the Lord of Leohaus Hall, and a famous rider and lancer from the Westerlands.

History Edit

Throughout history there have been some riders so skilled that it was as if they had been "Born atop a horse." Well for Jaime, this statement was not only a fanciful statement, but truth.

He was not yet expected to arrive to the world for another few weeks, and his father and mother had decided to risk riding back from Kayce to Leohaus Hall for the birth of their son.

It was there, upon her horse that Freya fell into labour, and if not for the aid of the Septon in a nearby town Jaime would most likely not have come into the world at all.

Jaime was a remarkably spry boy, spending the majority of his time either on the back of one of his horses or in the yard practicing his martial skill, or more often than not both.

As he aged he began to fall in love with riding in earnest, never so alive as when he was on the back of his horse with a lance in his hand charging at his intended target.

He won his first minor tourney when he was but sixteen, earning his knighthood upon the same day. Despite this he never took a great love to tourneys, calling them "pretend" and "child's play." Though he has been known to be more friendly to them when there was a good night of drink and storytelling to be had.

Upon his twentieth nameday he was betrothed to Falyse Lannister, a cousin of the current lord. Preparations for the wedding were well under way before the untimely death of Jaime's father, who had caught an illness in the lung after a night of riding in the rain with his son.

Since then Jaime has been doing his best to adjust to life as a lord, often finding escape atop the back of his steed. With each passing week though it seems he has less and less time to spare for riding. After all, Lording is quite a busy profession.

Family Edit

Lord Jast, his father and Sarra Kayce, his mother

  • Lord Jamie Jast
  • Jon Jast, his brother and heir
  • Myrcella Jast, his sister

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