Lord Howland Reed
Lord of the Neck
Culture Northerner
Gender Male
Date of Birth 334 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Towering
Skills Greatswords, Covert, Hunting
Negative Traits Ugly
Liege Brandon Stark
Spouse Asha Reed
Children Arya Reed (Daughter)

Robb Reed (Son)

Relatives Eddard Reed (Brother)

Alayne Reed (Sister) Sansa Reed (Sister) Mira Reed (Sister)

Favoured Weapons Sword
Reddit Username LordHowlandReed
Alternate Characters Simon Seaworth, Artys Baelish
Howland Reed is the Lord of Greywater Watch and head of House Reed. His family are bannermen to House Stark. He is three-and-thirty years old.

History Edit

Howland was born to Jojen and Lyanna Reed in the year 334. He is the eldest of five children, with his sister, named Sansa after the Stark child, his brother Eddard, named after the former Hand of the King, and his two youngest sisters, twins named Meera and Alayne. He became Lord of Greywater Watch after his father's death in 360. He is a towering and formidable man, standing six and a half feet tall, and he is a highly trained swordsman, known for his proficiency on the battlefield.

In 355, he married Asha, a woman from the Crannogs, who he had two children with. Howland is loyal to the Starks, even years after their extinction, believing they had qualities all men should have, despite being too young to ever have met one. He despises the Boltons for their betrayal of a good house, and opts to take no sides in their wars.

Timeline Edit

  • 334- Howland is born to Jojen and Lyanna Reed.
  • 339- Howland begins his education, and is groomed for combat by his father.
  • 342- Howland shows great promise with a sword.
  • 350- Howland is injured while training with his father, leaving a scar on his left temple.
  • 355- Howland gets married to a woman from the Crannogs.
  • 356- Howland's daughter is born, who he names Arya.
  • 358- Howland's heir, Robb Reed, is born.
  • 360- Howland becomes Lord of Greywater Watch after Jojen Reed's death.

Family Edit

  • Meera Reed, His Grandmother (Deceased)
    • Jojen Reed, His Father (Deceased)
    • Lyanna Reed, His Mother
      • Howland Reed, Lord of Greywater Watch (33)
      • Asha Reed, His Wife
        • Arya Reed, His Daughter (11)
        • Robb Reed, His Son (9)
      • Sansa Reed, His Sister
      • Meera Reed, His Sister
      • Alayne Reed, His Sister
      • Eddard Reed, His Brother (30)

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