In Westeros and beyond there are many noble houses, here they are compiled.

The CrownlandsEdit

Royal House: Targaryen

Noble Houses: Velaryon, Celtigar, Blackwater, Rykker, Hayford


Great House: Martell

Noble Houses: Dayne, Blackmont, Yronwood, Manwoody, Qorgyle, Fowler, Uller, Dalt

The Iron IslandsEdit

Great House: Greyjoy

Noble Houses: Harlaw, Farwynd, Volmark, Tawney, Goodbrother

The NorthEdit

Great House: Stark

Noble Houses: Mormont, Umber, Karstark, Manderly, Reed, Forrester, Whitehill, Moss, Locke, Hornwood

Extinct Houses: Bolton, Dustin

The ReachEdit

Great House: Tyrell

Noble Houses: Ambrose, Hightower, Redwyne, Oakheart, Tarly, Ashford

The RiverlandsEdit

Great House: Tully

Noble Houses: Mallister, Baelish, Bracken, Blackwood, Frey, Vance

The StormlandsEdit

Great House: Baratheon

Noble Houses: Swann, Grandison, Estermont, Penrose, Morrigen, Florent, Seaworth

The ValeEdit

Great House: Arryn

Noble Houses: Egen, Royce, Hunter, Corbray, Redfort, Mountain Clans

The WesterlandsEdit

Great House: Lannister

Noble Houses: Marbrand, Lefford, Crakehall, Payne

Knightly Houses: Lorch, Vikary

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