House Vikary is a house of landed knights sworn to Casterly Rock.

In the game, House Vikary's seat is Boar's Head.

Their arms, according to semi-canon sources, are quarterly: a red boar's head on white, beneath a gold bend sinister a silver lion rampant regardant with a forked tail, armed and langued gold, on red. The reversing in the second and third quarters of the red and silver of the Reyne arms beneath a bend sinister may indicate that the founder of the house was either a Reyne bastard or a descendant of a Reyne bastard.

Recent Events Edit

With the death of its previous lord, Reginald Vikary, House Vikary has been under control of his son, Jordan Vikary. House Vikary lent only a small amount of its soldiers to Lucion Lannister's war against the Iron Throne and with the king's subsequent capture, Jordan and his bastard cousin, Harmond Hill, brought their soldiers back to Boar's Head.

Family Tree Edit

  • {Lymond Vikary}
    • {Reginald Vikary}
    • {Catelyn Brax} - Lord Reginald's wife. Died from pneumonia.
      • Jordan Vikary - Current Lord of Boar's Head.
      • Camila Lorch
      • Alice Vikary
      • Byron Vikary
    • Dareon Vikary
      • Harmond Hill
      • Celia Hill
    • Leobald Vikary
    • Muriel Lydden
      • Alicent Vikary
      • Tansy Vikary
  • {Unknown Vikary}
    • Stephen Vikary - Missing, presumed dead.
    • Harriet Clifton

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