House Templeton
Sigil Nine stars, one of seven points and eight of six points, on a gold saltire, on a black field
Words "Together In Arms"
Seat Ninestars
Lord Lord Eddard Templeton
Region The Vale
Title The Knight of Ninestars
Heir Ser Ramsay Templeton
Overlord House Arryn
Cadet Branch
Ancestral Weapon Glory (Steel Longsword)
Founder Unknown
Founded Unknown
Died Out
House Templeton is a noble house from the Vale of Arryn. Their seat is Ninestars, located in the Fingers. They are one of the great knightly houses sworn to House Arryn.

The head of the House is given the title "Knight of Ninestars". Its current head is Lord Eddard Templeton, with his eldest son Ser Ramsay Templeton as his heir. Although they are a knightly house, they are very powerful, and their strength and influence are comparable to many lords.


A map of the Vale of Arryn with the location of Ninestars highlighted.

It is said that the Knight of Ninestars can easily raise over one thousand men. House Templeton may be related to the Starks of Winterfell through a daughter of Jocelyn Royce (nee Stark) several generations ago. House Templeton has good relations with House Royce.

They blazon their arms with nine stars, one of 7 points and eight of 6 points, upon a gold saltire on black. Their motto is "Together In Arms".


  • Ser Symond Templeton
  • Unknown Wife
    • Ser Torrhen Templeton
    • Lady Janie Templeton (nee Upcliff)
      • Lord Eddard Templeton
      • Lady Bethany Templeton (nee Bole)
      • Ser William Templeton
    • Ser Luceon Templeton
    • Lady Mary Templeton
    • Ser Renfred Templeton

Innformation on House Templeton gathered from:

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