House Tawney of OrkmontEdit

House Tawney of Orkmont is a noble house of the Iron Islands and one of the strongest sworn to Pyke. Their lands are found on the island of Orkmont, where they reside at Nettlebank.

Their sigil is a black scourge of red nettles emblazoned on a shield of white. Their words are "The Sting of Retribution."

House Tawney are devout followers of the Drowned God and have been known to be vocal proponents of the Old Way among the Ironborn.


House Tawney have been staunch allies of House Greyjoy for many years and have provided many captains and crew members to the Iron Fleet, in addition to maintaining their own impressive fleet of ships.

When Dalton Greyjoy became the first Lord Reaper of Pyke to defy the Targaryens, the Tawneys were one of the first families to heed his call to arms and join the Red Kraken’s fleet that sacked Lannisport. Quellon Greyjoy was the only one to strain the limits of the loyalty of House Tawney, who saw his attempted reforms as a direct attack on their traditions and heritage. When Balon Greyjoy ascended to the Lordship of Pyke, House Tawney was only too ready to raise the Scourge banners and hoist their sails once more.

The Sting of RetributionEdit

At times throughout the House’s history, they have functioned as enforcers for the holder of the Seastone Chair, bringing the Sting of Retribution to the disloyal, the cowardly, or those softened by Andal ways. When acting in such a capacity, Tawney forces traditionally leave behind a nettle plant as a calling card and a warning.

Family TreeEdit

  • Balon Tawney [deceased]
  • Asha Orkwood [deceased]
    • Roryn Tawney, Lord of Nettlebank-- Asta Harlaw [deceased]
      • Kára Tawney, Heir to Nettlebank [b. 344]
      • Rúna Tawney, Scion of Nettlebank [b. 346]
      • Hlora Pyke [b.347]
      • Kátha Pyke [b. 348]
      • Sárva Pyke [b. 349]
    • Gevin Tawney [deceased] -- Gwin Blacktyde
      • Alannys Tawney [b. 345]
      • Harrys Pyke [b. 346]

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