House Penrose
250px-House Penrose
Sigil Tenné, two quills saltireways argent
Words Set Down Our Deeds
Seat Parchments
Lord Lord Galladon Penrose
Region Stormlands
Title Lord of Parchments
Heir Andwise Penrose
Overlord House Baratheon
Cadet Branch N/A
Ancestral Weapon N/A
Founder N/A
Founded N/A
Died Out N/A
House Penrose of Parchments is a noble house of the Stormlands. They are one of the principal noble houses sworn to the Baratheons of Storm's End.


  • Lord Galladon Penrose (312-???) Open NPC
  • › Lady Seslei Penrose nee Swann (324-???) Open NPC
    • Andwise Penrose (339-???) Heir, Unwed Open NPC
    • {Ser Theomore Penrose} (342-368)
    • Aelinor Penrose (345-???) Scion, Unwed
  • Quentin Penrose (313-???) Castellan of Storm's End.

Household NPCs Edit

  • Maester Joben, a healer and tutor
  • Septa Imelle of the Faith
  • Samwyle Wensington, Castellan

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