House Locke
250px-House Locke
Sigil Two bronze keys crossed on an argent pale on purpure.
Words Honor is Key
Seat Oldcastle
Lord Lord Halgrim Locke
Region North
Title Lord of Oldcastle
Heir Brandon Locke
Overlord House Bolton (Formerly)

House Stark

Cadet Branch N/A
Ancestral Weapon Bronze Song (Great Sword)
Founder First Men
Founded After extinction of House Greystark
Died Out N/A

House Locke of Oldcastle is a noble house from Oldcastle in the North.

The sigil of House Locke is two bronze keys crossed on an argent pale on purpure. The House has no formal words, but the informal phrase associated with the House is "Honor is Key."

Unlike most Northern Houses, the Lockes of Oldcastle follow the Faith of the Seven instead of the Old Gods of the Forrest. This is why some Lockes have been knighted.

The Lockes were once First Men Kings, but were reduced to vassals by the Kings of Winter. House Locke once held Wolf's Den, but now only hold the city of Oldcastle near White Harbor.

After the installment of the Boltons, Lord Ondrew Locke swore allegiance to the new Lord Paramount, but on his death his son, Mallys, vowed to find the Starks and bring them back to power, going against history. As such, House Locke is one of House Stark's most loyal supporters having raised their banners in rebellion against the Boltons when Brandon returned.

Recent Events Edit

In 368 AC, The current Lord of Oldcastle, Talrand Locke, has succumbed to his illness leaving his third-born son and heir the new Lord. To not only add to the new Lord's grief, his wife, Astrid Locke nee Ashford and his unborn son Eddard, die due to complications during childbirth. Halgrim is left distraught and grief-stricken as he gathers his host to move south with Brandon Stark

Family Tree Edit

  • {Lord Ondrew Locke}, Born 230 AC, Died 302 AC at age 72 of natural causes
    • His Lady Wife {Helena Locke nee Condon), His wife, died of natural causes
      • {Lord Mallys Locke}, Born 275 AC, Died 325 AC in a tourney accident       
        • {Lord Talrand Locke}, Born 300 AC, Died 368 AC, After a period of illness, (68)
          • His Lady Wife Alyssa Locke nee Woods, His wife (57)
            • -{Gregor Locke}, Born 336 AC, Died 341 AC after a fall
            • -Ser Rickard Locke, Born 336 AC, Twin to Gregor, Night’s Watch, (32)
            • Lord Halgrim Locke, Born 341 AC, Lord of Oldcastle, (28)
              • -His Lady Wife, {Astrid Locke nee Ashford}, Died due to complications due to childbirth
              • -Brandon Locke, A boy of four, Heir to Oldcastle
              • {Eddard Locke}- Died stillborn
        • Ser Benjen Locke, Born 319 AC, Hal’s Chief Adviser, (49)
          • His Lady Wife Talia Snow, (48)
          • His son, Alistair (25)
          • His disowned son, Valmand Locke, a brigand (21)
          • His son, Talrand (17)

Household at Oldcastle Edit

Maester Oswin, a kindly old man, healer, tutor, and counselor

Benjen Locke, Hal's chief Advisor and Uncle

Bjorn, the Household smith

Ser Alistair Locke, a cousin, his master-at-arms

Septon Varn, a Septon of the Faith

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