House Hornwood

House Hornwood of Hornwood is a noble house in the North. They rule from their keep in the lands between the Bolton's and the Manderly's. Their sigil is a bull moose, brown on a field of dark orange. Their words are 'Righteous in Wrath'.

History Edit

House Hornwood was once staunch supporters of House Stark, being one of their most principal bannermen. During the War of the Five Kings, House Hornwood was reduced to naught but a bastard and sister. The sister, Berena Hornwood, was wed to Leobold Tallhart, younger brother and Castellan of the Lord. Ramsay Bolton wed himself to Donella Hornwood, the late wife of Lord Halys Hornwood who was slain at the Battle of the Green Fork, and claimed Hornwood for himself.

After Larence, the natural born son of Halys, was released from Ironborn captivity in Deepwood Motte, he learned of the atrocity that was Ramsay's treatment of Donella. The bastard Lord-to-be wedded Donella, bedded her and left her to starve in his cells. Fearing for the future of his house, Larence approached Lord Roose Bolton and requested he be legitimized and given the Hornwood lands to rule. He claimed that the men would follow him, a natural born Hornwood, more willingly than Ramsay. After being legitimized, Lord Roose Bolton wedded him to a woman who's name was lost in the past 67 years.

Larence swore fealty and gave his many thanks to Roose. Since his legitimization, House Hornwood became staunch supporters of House Bolton and one of their most principal bannermen. Lord Larence Hornwood would go on to father two boys, Roose and Jeor.

After Larence's death in 332 AC, Lord Roose Hornwood became Lord of Hornwood. He was wed to Maelisa Stout and fathered four children; Rodrik, Gwendolyn, Jorah, and an unknown bastard.

Lord Rodrik Hornwood became Lord of Hornwood after Roose passed away in his sleep.

Members Edit

  • {Lord Halys Hornwood} d. 298
  • {Lady Donella Hornwood nee Manderly} d. 299
    • {Daryn Hornwood} d. 298
    • {Lord Larence Hornwood -- Legitimized by Roose Bolton} d. 332
    • {Unknown Woman}
      • {Lord Roose Hornwood} d. 365
      • Maelisa Hornwood nee Stout
        • Lord Rodrik Hornwood b. 333, First Moon
        • Lady Valla Hornwood nee Flint d. 368
          • Halys Hornwood b. 354
          • Arya Hornwood b. 355
          • Larence Hornwood b. 358
          • Morra Hornwood b. 363
        • Lady Gwendolyn Karstark nee Hornwood b. 333, Eleventh Moon
        • Lord Sigorn Karstark
          • Rickard Karstark b. 355
          • Willem Karstark b. 358
        • Ser Jorah Hornwood (First Ranger of Eastwatch) b. 335
        • Unknown Bastard child of Roose's
      • Ser Jeor Hornwood b. 320
        • Eon Hornwood b. 340
        • Kyla Hornwood b. 346
  • {Berena Tallhart nee Hornwood} d. 302
  • {Leobald Tallhart} d. 299
    • {Brandon Tallhart}
    • {Beren Tallhart}

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