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House Harlaw is one of the most powerful lordly Houses on the Iron Isles. They rule the entire island of Harlaw, second in size only to Old Wyk, distinguished from the rest of the Iron Isles as it is both the most densely populated and the wealthiest Isle. Their primary castle is known as the Ten Towers, although they used to have cadet branches in Harlaw Hall, Harridan Hill, The Tower of Glimmering, and Grey Garden. Among House Harlaw's other vassals are the Houses Myre, Kenning, Stonetree and Volmark.

In recent years, however, House Harlaw has declined in its population, and as such these Houses are now under the rule of the main line of House Harlaw. The last Castle to be run independently of the main line of House Harlaw was Grey Garden, which was ruled by Harridan Harlaw, and then his son Lucas Harlaw. This independent rule ended when Gwynesse Harlaw died, and Lucas Harlaw's line became the sole hereditary line.

House Harlaw joined the Iron Isles during the Third Rebellion, and is currently sworn to the King of Salt and Rock. However, after the death of Gwynesse Harlaw at the Dreadfort, Harlaw men are returning to the island, to swear fealty to their new sovereign, Lucas Harlaw.

Family Edit

  • Dagmar Harlaw ??? - d. 367 AC
  • Ryella Harlaw ??? - d. 352 AC
    • Gwynesse Harlaw (333 AC - 367 AC)
      • Asha Harlaw (16)
  • Harridan Harlaw (Deceased)
    • Lucas Harlaw (29)

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