House Estermont

House Estermont is a noble house in the Stormlands and bannermen to House Baratheon. Their sigil is a green turtle on a plain seafoam green background. Their words are [placeholder]. House Estermont resides on Estermont island off the eastern coast of the Stormlands.

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Pictured to the right, below the Estermont sigil, is Greenstone. Greenstone is the keep of House Estermont located on Estermont island.

Family Edit

  • {Lord Eldon Estermont} - d. 301 AC
  • {Unknown Woman}d. 298 AC
    • {Lord Aemon Estermont} - d. 327 AC
    • {Unknown Woman}d. 338 AC
      • {Olenna Estermont} d. 344 AC
      • {Lord Lucas Mertyns} d. 354 AC
        • Lord Steffon Mertyns b. 344 AC
      • {Lord Alyn Estermont} - d. 359 AC
      • {Daena Mertyns}d. 359 AC
        • Lord Durran Estermontb. 340 AC
        • Ser Steffon Estermont - b. 344 AC
        • Mya Estermont - b. 349 AC
  • {Cassana Estermont}
  • {Lord Steffon Baratheon}
    • {Lord Stannis Baratheon}
    • {Selyse Florent}
      • {Lady Shireen Baratheon}
      • {Edric Storm}
        • {Lord Morros Baratheon}
          • Lord Lyonel Baratheon


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