250px-House Ashford

House Ashford of Ashford is a noble house from Ashford in the Reach.

History Edit

House Ashford held a tourney in 209 AC. Lord Ashford's sons, Androw and Robert, were two of the original champions at the Tourney of Ashford.

Robert Baratheon was defeated at the Battle of Ashford during Robert's Rebellion.

Family Edit

  • Lord Ashford
  • Lady Ashford
    • Ser Garth Ashford
    • Dareon Ashford (22)
    • Alyse Tarly (20)
      • Serra Tarly (<1)
    • Rewell Ashford
    • Janei Ashford
  • William Ashford
  • Margaery Vyrwel
    • Jon Ashford (30)
    • Daenerys Graceford (34)
      • Samwell Ashford (13)
      • Olenna Ashford (10)
    • Mark Ashford (27)
    • Barristan Ashford (25)
    • Alester Ashford (20)

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