House Ambrose is a noble house from the Reach. They are bannermen to House Tyrell. They blazon their arms as a yellow field strewn with red ants. Their words are "Never Resting." They reside outside of Brightwater Keep.

History Edit

The earliest member of note was Aubrey Ambrose (185 - 241). He was accused of being a secret supporter of the Blackfyres but no evidence was ever found. His Lordship passed to Alester Ambrose (205 - 266), then to Andrew Ambrose (233 - 282), then to Arthur Ambrose (258 - 313).

Arthur Ambrose was married to Alysanne Hightower, a daughter of the Lord of Oldtown and the younger sister of Alerie Hightower, the wife of Mace Tyrell, Lord of Highgarden. He served with the Tyrell army during the War of the Five Kings.

Their son, Alyn Ambrose (284 - 324), fought in the Battle of the Blackwater as a squire for the Tyrell army. He killed a Myrish archer and a Mullendore man-at-arms. As a reward, he was betrothed to Elinor Tyrell of the junior branch and lady-in-waiting to Margaery Tyrell. Elinor was arrested during Margaery's trial, but was found innocent and released.

After the War of the Five Kings, Alyn and Elinor started a family. In the year 303 AC, their first son Edwyn was born, followed by Alester, Randyll, Loras, and Jeyne. Edwyn Ambrose became Lord of his house in 324 AC when his father committed suicide. The tragedy came soon after his son's marriage to Meredyth Risley.

Edwyn and Meredyth have three sons: Mychael, a knight married to Margaery Meadows, Jon, the Master of Coin married to Melissa Graceford, and Damon, unmarried.

Family Edit

  • Edwyn Ambrose, Lord of House Ambrose (301 - 370)
  • Meredyth Risley (302 - 376)
    • Ser Mychel Ambrose(325 - 390)
    • Margaery Meadows (327 - 401)
      • Bethany Ambrose (344 - 420)
      • Robert Ambrose (346 - 380)
      • Mark Ambrose (348 - 417)
      • Jeyne Ambrose (353 - 405)
    • Jon Ambrose (327 - 400)
    • Melissa Graceford (330 - 397)
      • Raymund Ambrose (350 - 418)
      • Owen Ambrose (352 - 380)
      • Alyssa Ambrose (353 - 422)
        • Jared Flowers (368 - ???)
    • Damon Ambrose (329 - 392)

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