Ser Harys is the Commander of the Ashenguard at Ashemark.

Ser Harys
Commander of the Ashenguard
Culture Westerman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 302 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 2
Negative Traits Old Age
Liege Lord Aethan Marbrand
Favoured Weapons Longsword
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters

Appearance Edit

Ser Harys is a burly old man. His voice is reminiscent of a wet leather boot being ripped apart by an Ironborn berserker. Hardened by years of fighting off bandits, working as a guardsman, and eventually Commander of the Ashenguard, his body has definitely taken a toll. He has a scar on his right cheek stretching from his temple to the top of his neck. Even though he may be old, his hair is still as black as it was during his younger days.

History Edit

Recent Events Edit

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