Ser Harold Waynwood is the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, serving under Valarr Targaryen as of the 6th moon of 367 AC. He is six-and-fifty years old.

Biography Edit

Harrold Waynwood is the first-born of House Waynwood under Lord Donnel Waynwood and Lady Emmery , but his position as a member of the KingsGuard has allowed his younger brother, Kain Waynwood, to take possession of their lands. He proved himself a worthy fighter with sword and shield in many a tourney in the days of his youth, and a good leader of men, something that lent him some small honor in the Queens Guard when he joined at the age of twenty four. He proved himself a stauch follower and defender of the new Queen, both in sword and in policy.

Appearance Edit

Now, after the Queens death, his age now seems apparent. While still fit enough for service, his eyes show deep wrinkles and lines about his face, and his long hair and full beard shine white with the dust of time.

Timeline Edit

  • 313: Born to Lord and Lady Waynwood
  • 316: Younger Brother Kain Waynwood, is born
  • 317: Younger Sister Marsei is born
  • 335: Inducted into the QueensGuard
  • 344: Marsei Dies in Childbirth
  • 367: Queen Daenerys Targaryen dies
    • Remains to serve under King Valarr

Family Edit

  • Lord Donnel Waynwood, His Father (Deceased)
  • Lady Waynwood, His Mother (Deceased)
    • Harold Waynwood (56)
    • Kain Waynwood, His Brother (51 )
    • Marsei Waynwood, His Sister (Deceased)

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