Gunthir is Northern hunter living near Karhold.


Gunthir is the son of a Woodsman and a baker’s daughter. He spent his early child hood living with his mother, eventually becoming a woodsman with his father. As he grew up his father taught him to hunt and fish, as well as shoot a bow fairly well. During the most recent winter he and his father were forced to turn to poaching to feed themselves. This led to his father being sent to the wall, and Gunthir having to fend for himself. Due to his rough upbringing and time in the wild he has grown up faster than other boys his age, and is a rough person. He is 17 years of age and he currently is hunting seals on the coast of the Grey Hills in Karhold.

Recent Events:Edit

Character and AppearanceEdit

Gunthir is fairly tall, standing around 5’ 10”. He is skinny but well-muscled due to his rough life style. He has flowing, Greasy, coal black hair that falls to his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing blue color with flecks of green from his mother. His face is rough and worn; he has a scar running down the left side of his face from a bear. Yet in spite of this, some might call his ruggedness handsome. As a woodmans he is found wearing a mix of furs and gray wool garments. He almost looks like an animal himself.



  • Mother - Alyce - deceased (319 - 362)
  • Father - Gared - Member of the nights watch (316 - )

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