Gerold Lefford
Lord of Golden Tooth
Culture Westerlands Andal
Gender Male
Date of Birth 321
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 2
Skills Logistics, Horse-Riding, Swordsmanship, Sabotage
Negative Traits Greyscale
Liege King Lucion Lannister
Spouse Sarella Serett
Children Damien Lefford

Galbart Lefford Arwyn Lefford

Relatives Ser Gregor Lefford
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/LeffmyFord
Alternate Characters Flement Rowan

Lord Gerold Lefford is the Lord of Golden Tooth, and bannerman to King Lucion Lannister of the Rock.

History Edit

Born in 321, Gerold Lefford came into the world just as the Harvest War was beginning. At only a year old, thanks to the poor conditions brought on by the rebel forces besieging Golden Tooth, Gerold contracted Greyscale. Golden Tooth was taken, and the Leffords fled to the the Lannisters with the remainder of their forces. Eventually, the Greyscale went away, but left its mark along his upper left arm, an area he guards from unwanted eyes with a virulent passion.

As Gerold matured into his teenage years, he became determined never to be shamed as his father had in his loss of Golden Tooth, and refused to allow the shame of his Greyscale to become an obstacle. In the yard, he made sure he was an able rider, who could race around his lands wherever needed. In swordsmanship he also excelled, though he was never afforded any true experience on the battlefield. In his studies with the Maester, he became adept in his understanding of logistics and supply. Supplementing these lessons was some first hand tactical experience, as Gerold delighted in taking and leading parties of his father's soldiers to combat local bandit companies.

Never truly enjoying people or their company, he became a master of the facade, and an able leader of men, expert at raising spirits and rallying men to his side. This had the added bonus of teaching Gerold how to make himself into a social darling, likable to most any person, despite his inner dislike for other people. Behind the curtain, however, in pursuit of his house's betterment, he transformed into a completely and utterly ruthless machine. After he became Lord of Golden Tooth, many of his opponents' holdings became ruined in mysterious acts of sabotage. Where will the road lead Lord Gerold and House Lefford next? Gods know.

Timeline Edit

  • 321 - Gerold is born
  • 322 - Gerold contracts Greyscale, Golden Tooth taken by rebels
  • 338 - Gerold marries Sarella Serett
  • 339 - Gerold's firstborn son, Damien Lefford, is born
  • 340 - Lord Endrew dies and Gerold ascends to the Lordship of Golden Tooth
  • 342 - Gerold's secondborn son, Galbart Lefford, is born
  • 352 - Gerold's firstborn daughter, Arwyn Lefford, is born
  • 367 - Present day

Family Tree Edit

  • His Father, Lord Endrew Lefford (deceased)
  • His Mother, Lady Olenna Lefford, nee Prester (deceased)
    • His Elder Brother, Ser Raymund Lefford (deceased)
    • Gerold Lefford
    • His Wife, Lady Sarella Lefford, nee Serrett (42)
      • His Firstborn Son, Ser Damien Lefford (28)
      • His Secondborn Son, Ser Galbart Lefford (25)
      • His Firstborn Daughter, Lady Arwyn Lefford (15)
    • His Younger Brother, Ser Gregor Lefford (37)

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