Flement Rowan
Lord of Goldengrove
Culture Reachman
Aliases None
Gender Male
Date of Birth 341AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Vitality
Skills Horse riding, Archery
Negative Traits None
Liege Lord Alester Tyrell
Spouse Lady Janei Rowan
Children Elyn Rowan [5], Arys Rowan [2]
Relatives Lady Genna Rowan (Deceased), Ser Randyll Rowan, [21]
Favoured Weapons Bow and arrow
Reddit Username /u/loopmoploop
Alternate Characters None

Flement Rowan is the twenty-six year old Lord of Goldengrove. He is 6'0, with a ruddy auburn beard and warm eyes as brown as soil. He has neatly trimmed hair, and a noticeable scar crosses the left half of his forehead.

History Edit

The second child and first son of Lord Alliser Rowan and Lady Barbrey Crane, Flement lived a relatively quiet life, until at the age of six he and his older sister Genna were involved in a botched kidnapping attempt orchestrated by unknown parties. The incident left Genna dead and Flement with a scar, both physical and emotional, that would stick with him for the rest of his life.

As Flement aged into his teenage years, he would rarely be found inside the castle walls. Ever restless, he spent most of his time traveling the family lands, and when he realized that his own two feet could not carry him as rapidly as he wanted, he traded them for the four legs of a well bred steed. Spending as much time on horseback as he did, Flement quickly became quite the masterful rider. In the yard, he practiced with sword and shield as most noble boys do, but found himself to be rather adept with a bow, and it was with this weapon that he excelled. The strains of stringing a bow, his riding, and a healthy diet all combined to turn Flement into a healthy and energetic young adult. As a result, in addition to a generally healthy appearance, Flement is just slightly broader and more powerful than most. Nothing an average man couldn't overcome with a little bit of skill and experience, but nothing to laugh at either.

Family Edit

  • Father, Lord Alliser Rowan (Deceased)
  • Mother, Lady Barbrey Rowan (Deceased)
    • Genna Rowan (Deceased)
    • Flement Rowan, 26
      • Elyn Rowan, 5
      • Arys Rowan, 2
    • Randyll Rowan, 21

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