The Faith of the Seven is the largest and most populous faith in Westeros, dwarfing the others in all kingdoms but the Iron Islands and the North.


History Edit

The Faith was founded in times unknown when the Divine Spirit revealed itself in the Personage of Seven to Hugor of the Hill. To him they granted their wisdom and kingship, giving unto him sight into matters yet unknown to man. Their wisdoms, set down, became to be part of a book known at the Seven-Pointed Star. The Faith is run hierarchically, with their chief leader being the High Septon, the avatar of the Gods whose voice in infallible upon pronouncements of Faith.

The clergy of the Faith is composed of Septons, Septas, Begging Brothers, and Brown Brothers & Sisters of varying orders who serve the faithful.

The Seven-Pointed Star Edit

The Seven-Pointed Star is divided into multiple books and sections, beginning with the First Wisdoms, then the Second Wisdoms, the Saga of Heroes, the Gospels, the Second Gospels, and finally the Book of Blesseds.

The First Wisdoms Edit

The Book of Divine Revelation

The Wisdom of the Father

The Orders of Clergy Edit

The Orders of Clergy are numerous. All of the Clergy of the Faith can be divided into two categories, Ordered and Regulars. Each Order serves a certain and specific goal or charism.

Orders of the Father Edit

Orders of the Mother Edit

Orders of the Warrior Edit

Orders of the Smith Edit

Orders of the Maiden Edit

Orders of the Crone Edit

Orders of the Stranger Edit

High Septons of the Faith Edit

High Septon Archibald, "The Travelling One" 360-367

High Septon Terrance, "The Crowned One" 367-Present

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