Ser Ezra Kenning
Scion of House Kenning of Kayce
Culture Westerman (Andal)
Gender Male
Date of Birth 345 AC
Date of Death 368 AC
Gifts Vitality
Skills Swords, Lances
Negative Traits
Liege Lucion Lannister
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/EzraKenning
Alternate Characters Symond Frey
Ser Ezra Kenning is a young knight of House Kenning of Kayce, sworn bannermen of House Lannister.
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Ezra stands a hair short of six feet tall, with a frame packed with the lean muscle built by rigorous martial training. His brown hair tends to curl as it grows longer, and time in the sun brings out lighter highlights.


Ezra Kenning was born in the year 345 to Ser Harys and Sybell Kenning in the household of Lord Warren Kenning at Kayce. His aunt, Lady Elinor Kenning, arranged for Ezra to be fostered by House Prester in the year 354.

He became the page and later squire of Ser Edmund Prester, who trained the youth in the Tireless ways of the warriors of Feastfires. Ser Edmund's regimen focused not on raw strength or speed, but rather the endurance to make a man able to bear the weight of arms and armor for extended periods and remain effective in combat even after most would have exhausted themselves.

The headstrong boy at first did not understand how tedious menial labor would make him a knight, but Ser Edmund made him toil until he was too tired to complain or argue any more before imparting any sort of martial training. Ezra eventually warmed to his master's methods, and became his squire when he was three and ten years of age.

He was knighted by Ser Edmund a few weeks after his twentieth name day. In the two years since, the young knight has distinguished himself by his talent with both sword and lance on the tournament grounds.

Recent EventsEdit

367 ACEdit

House Kenning has answered the King of the Rock's call to arms and Ezra has joined the Lannister forces at Castamere to seek his fame and fortune in actual war.


345: Ezra Kenning born

347: Janna Kenning born

349: Emmon Kenning born

354: Ezra Kenning sent to House Prester, becomes the page of Ser Edmund Prester

357: Death of Lord Jaime Kenning, Warren Kenning becomes Lord of Kayce

358: Ezra becomes the squire of Ser Edmund Prester

363: Bethany Kenning wed to Desmond Lannister of Lannisport

365: Ezra knighted by Ser Edmund Prester

367: Ezra Kenning arrives at Castamere with the Kenning forces.

368: Ezra slain at Riverrun after killing Lord Lucas Blackwood during the slaughter of the Lannister forces.


  • Jaime Kenning, Lord of House Kenning, Grandfather (d. 357)
  • Rosamund Kenning (nee Sarsfield), dowager Lady of Kayce, Grandmother, 62
    • Warren Kenning, Lord of Kayce, Uncle, 48
    • Elinor Kenning (nee Prester), Lady of Kayce, Aunt, 40
      • Cerelle Payne, Cousin (wed to Alyn Payne), 27
      • Terrence Kenning, Heir to House Kenning, Cousin, 26
      • Bethany Lannister, Cousin (wed to Desmond Lannister of Lannisport), 24
      • Roland Kenning, Cousin, 19
      • Lysa Kenning, Cousin, 16
    • Ser Harys Kenning, Father, 43
    • Sybell Kenning (nee Farman), Mother, 38
      • Janna Kenning, Sister, 19
      • Emmon Kenning, Brother, 17

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