Esgred Volmark
Captain of Ironheart
Culture Ironborn
Aliases -
Gender Female
Date of Birth 341 AC
Date of Death -
Gifts Beauty
Skills Acrobatic, Spears, Sailing
Negative Traits Infertile
Liege Lord Arryk Volmark
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives Arryk Volmark

Sigrin Volmark

Favoured Weapons Spear
Reddit Username /u/DrownedGodWatching
Alternate Characters

Esgred Volmark is a scion of House Volmark. She and her crew are sworn to House Volmark. She is six-and-twenty years old.

History Edit

Esgred ((formerly Sif)) Volmark is Rus Volmark's eldest surviving child and her late brother Joseran's younger fraternal twin. She is an accomplished sailor who is on par with her younger brothers when sailing the high seas. She captains her own ship, Ironheart, with a crew of sixty Ironborn and a mute brute from the Summer Islands. The spear she wields is her most cherished extension, the perfect tool for her practice, and her most intimate possession. Its contours are as familiar to her as the wheel of her ship. From its rigid oak shaft to its glimmering, steel head, Esgred lovingly services its corporeal form day in and day out.

Because of Esgred's perfect profile, her beaming beauty, and her particularly luscious lips, men constantly malign her dignity in pursuit of their desires. Her acrobatic displays on the battlefield, furthermore, impress or entice her male onlookers, as if she was a whore performing extravagant routines for them. Wherever she is she cannot seem to shake off the incessant harassment. The majority of the men she has the misfortune of meeting think she enjoys the comfort of other women; some think she is celibate; others think she is barren and devoid of a woman's hunger; regardless, all of them seem to agree on one things: that she is to blame when they are unable to woo her.

Known Affiliations Edit

Member of the Grey Fleet.

Captain of Ironheart.

Part of the Leviathan's Brood - a collective name for the Volmark children.

Sister to Lord Arryk Volmark, who is sworn to Lucas Harlaw.

Once Brandon Tully's hostage.

Family Edit

  • Maron Volmark, Her Great-Grandfather (43) (Deceased)
    • Asha Volmark, Her Great-Aunt (63)
    • Joseran Volmark, Her Grandfather (306 - 327AC)
      • Rus Volmark, Her Father (321 - 367 AC)
        • Joseran Volmark, Her Brother (341 - 359 AC)
        • Esgred Volmark, Captain of Ironheart (26)
        • Arryk Volmark, Her Brother (23)
        • Sigrin Volmark, Her Brother (22)
        • Victarion Volmark, Her Brother (19 )
        • Bedwyr Volmark, Her Brother (18 )
        • Arwyn Volmark, Her Sister (17)
      • Mara Volmark, Her Aunt (324 - 360 AC)
      • Euron Volmark, Her Uncle (326 - 327)
    • Brander Pyke, Her Great-Uncle (56)
      • Ruadh, Her Cousin (19)
      • Runa, Her Cousin (17)
    • Erika Volmark, Her Great-Aunt (53)

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