Eddard Reed is the youngest sibling of Howland Reed, Lord of Greywater Watch. His family are bannermen to House Bolton. He is thirty years old.

History Edit

Eddard Reed was the youngest child of Jojen Reed and Lyanna of the crannogmen and the grandson of Meera Reed and is 30 years old. Early in his childhood Eddard started to experience the Greensight. The visions were weak and took a great toil on the young child.

He was frequently struck by migraines and quick to strike out in anger. In spite of this he was paraded in front of the crannogmen who were desperate for a connection to their gods.

His visions proved fractured and vague, much to the disappointment to the denizens of Greywater Watch. Their Disappointment turned to resentment and Eddard had to bear the brunt of their anger.

He began to lash out, each attack escalating until it reached a boiling point. Eddard was found standing over the corpse of the heir to house Cray. He fleed Greywater Watch and has wandered the the forests and swamps of the North, haunted by incomplete visions.

Appearance Edit

Eddard is tall and gaunt, although his hunched posture hides this true height. He is long of limb and has fingers that are long and hooked, his fingernails are long and sharp from years of neglect. His deep green eye's stare out of a face that is much too thin for the long hooked nose that dominates his face.

Timeline Edit

337 ac Eddard is born to Jojen and Lyanna Reed

346 ac Eddard begins to have Greenvisions

357 ac Eddard flees Greywater Watch after the murder of Rickon Cray

367 ac Eddard begins to have visions of a black wolf and travels north.

Family Edit

  • Meera Reed, His Grandmother (Deceased)
    • Jojen Reed, His Father (Deceased)
    • Lyanna Reed, His Mother
      • Howland Reed, His Brother, Lord of Greywater Watch (33)
        • Arya Reed (11), His Niece
        • Robb Reed (9), His Nephew
      • Sansa Reed, His Sister
      • Meera Reed, His Sister
      • Alayne Reed, His Sister
      • Eddard Reed (30)

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