Denys Hayford
Heir to Hayford
Denys Hayford
Culture Crownlander (Andal)
Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 352
Date of Death -
Gifts -
Skills -
Negative Traits -
Liege King Lyonel Baratheon
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives Harrold Hayford (father)

Isabel Staunton (mother)

Isabel Staunton (mother)

Cedrik Hayford (uncle, deceased)

Harry Hayford (uncle)

Hugh Hayford (uncle)

Rhaea Hayford (younger sister)

Maekar Hayford (younger brother)

Favoured Weapons -
Reddit Username -
Alternate Characters -

Denys Hayford is a member of House Hayford, a small house in the Crownlands, staunchly loyal to House Targaryen. As the eldest child of Lord Harrold Hayford, Denys is heir to Hayford. Denys is currently sixteen years old.

Appearance Edit

At sixteen years of age, Denys is is a tall, strong and athletic young man. Sharing in many of his father's features, including his brown hair, hazel eyes and the Mark of Martyn. Denys wears his hair short and neatly cropped.

History Edit

Born in the year 352 AL, Denys was the first child born to the marriage of Harrold Hayford and Isabel Staunton, making him the heir to Hayford. As such, Denys has been raised since birth to one day succeed his father as Lord of Hayford, and has developed his skills in both diplomacy and combat.

Denys is a very protective person, particularly of his two younger siblings- Rhaea and Maekar- who he views as his responsibility. One time, when only eleven, Harrold noticed Dalton Hogg being 'too friendly' with his sister Rhaea, and punched the boy square in the face. Rhaea was displeased, as she had grown fond of Dalton, and the incident forever caused a grudge between the two boys.

Recent Events Edit

In late 367 AL, the armies of the Crownlands were summoned to Queen's Landing by Valarr Targaryen, and so Denys' father Harrold answered the call. Only fifteen at the time, Denys was nevertheless brought along, as his father wished for him to gain some experience from what he deemed would be a quick and largely uneventful stay in the capital.

However, after more than two weeks outside of the city, it become obvious that the conflict would not be resolved so swiftly, and Harrold made the decision to send Denys back to Hayford, as he was his eldest son and should preside over their lands in his father's stead. Since then, Denys has served as the acting Lord of Hayford, seeing to the matters of his family, with the aid of his mother, uncles and councilors.

Family Edit

  • Ermesande Hayford - Denys' great-grandmother and Lady of Hayford (298-315).
  • Unknown lowborn - Denys' great-grandfather.
    • Martyn 'Waters' Hayford - Denys' grandfather, the legitimized son of Ermesande Hayford and Lord of Hayford (315-351).
      • Cedrik Hayford - Denys' uncle and firstborn son and heir of Martyn Hayford (332-351).
      • Harrold Hayford - Denys' father and current Lord of Hayford (b. 335).
      • Isabel Staunton - Deny's mother and wife of Harrold Hayford (b. 335).
        • Denys Hayford - Eldest child of Harrold Hayford and heir to Hayford (b. 352).
        • Rhaea Hayford - Denys' younger sister and second child Harrold Hayford (b. 353).
        • Maekar Hayford - Denys' younger brother and second son of Harrold Hayford (b. 355).
      • Harry Hayford - Denys' uncle and twin of Hugh (b. 344).
      • Hugh Hayford - Denys' uncle and twin of Harry (b. 344).

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