Red Priest of Rh'llor
Culture Lyseni
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death
Gifts Zealot
Skills Bilingual (Common Tongue), Arson, Covert
Negative Traits Infertile
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username
Alternate Characters
Danton is a priest of Rh'llor and advisor to the Rogare family.

Appearance Edit

A short man with skin as black as Balerion, Danton wears a leather jacket, tanned and dyed to be red, as well as tan breeches and a white undershirt. His eyes are a deeper red than his clothes and his facial hair is white (he is bald with a goatee). A small but brilliant ruby is embossed in his right cheek.

History Edit

A man awoke one sunny Lysene day in a brothel, with the feeling of being burnt from the inside out, having no memory of how he arrived there or his life before his arrival. He awoke with a ruby inside his right cheek and the proprietor called him by the name "Danton" as he left in shock. Later that night he saw a vision in the flames of a nearby inn, having bought a room with the meager coinage in his pocket. The vision was of himself garbed in red, looking younger.

As a result of this vision he made his way to a temple of R'hllor and became a priest. Later it became clear that this vision was prophetic, having shown his appearance while using a glamour to appear younger. The only hint that this glamour is false is the white color of his hair, it was black until it recently faded to white with age.

As a Red Priest Danton showed remarkable apptitude, learning faster than all the other disciples despite his advanced age. He serves as an adviser to several noble families of Lys, notably the Rogares, as well as being a prominant religious leader to the followers of R'hllor in the city at large. He is regarded as a powerful figure in the R'hllor faith, having served as a Red Priest in one of the largest red temples in the world (the red temple in Lys) for more than a decade.

Recent Events Edit


Timeline Edit

  • 297-307 AC: Danton is born (he does not know he true age)
  • 307-355 AC: Unclear. Memories are absent.
  • 355 AC: Danton awakes after he feels himself burning, he no longer remembers anything of his life prior to this moment. A man recognized him as "Danton" so he adopted the name.
  • 355 AC: Danton journeys to a temple after seeing images in a fire inside an inn
  • 365 AC: Danton is widely regarded as a prominent priest of the Lyseni Red Temple.

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