Lord Colin Forrester is the Lord of Ironrath and bannerman to Lord Alyn Glover.


Lord Colin Forrester


Born in 340 to Lord Evan Forrester and Lady Sybelle Branch, Colin was the eldest son and heir. His two siblings were born a few years later, and all three Forresters were trained in martial skills and survival tactics of living amongst the woods. Colin grew fast, big, and tall, becoming an expert with his warhammer, gifted to him on his fifteenth name day by his father. Later that year, his house’s seat, Ironrath, was set upon by rival house, the Whitehills. His lord father, Evan, was killed in the attack, but Colin was able to return the heartbreak by killing Lord Whitehill’s heir with his bare hands, crushing his skull against a rock. His mother, Lady Sybelle, travelled to the Whitehills to negotiate peace, but was captured and executed, her head being sent back to Ironrath.

Sick with sadness and rage, Colin found solace in hunting and learning the ways of the ironwood forest around him. At 18, he wed the daughter of a chieftain of the Mountain Clans, House Flint. Morra quickly birthed three children, ensuring the temporary survival of House Forrester. Sworn to House Glover, Colin has distanced himself from serving his liege, opting instead to keep his house close by, for fear of losing any more members. He did not travel south to the Grand Council, and as such, avoided the attack on the Northern host by the Ironborn.


  • 340 - Colin Forrester is born to Lord Evan Forrester and Lady Sybelle Branch
  • 345 - Mikken Forrester is born347 - Lyra Forrester is born
  • 355, 1st moon - Lord Evan Forrester dies in an attack on Ironrath

by House Whitehill, Colin killed the heir to Whitehill in the same attack

  • 355, 1st moon - Colin ascends to lordship upon his father’s death
  • 355, 2nd moon - Lady Sybelle Branch is executed while treating with House Whitehill
  • 358 - Colin Forrester is wed to Morra Flint
  • 359 - Colin and Morra have their first child, a son named Ethan
  • 360 - Colin and Morra have their second child, a daughter named Larra
  • 364 - Colin and Morra have their third child, a son named Evan

Character and AppearanceEdit

A hulking beast of a man, well over six feet, nearing seven, with sandy blonde hair shorn high and tight and a formidable beard. He has piercing grey-blue eyes and a strong jawline. He eats more than most men, but translates his bulk into sheer power and lifts large stones daily to tone his musculature.



  • House-Forrester-heraldry

    House Forrester's sigil

Colin Forrester (b. 340)

  • Morra Flint (b. 342)
    • Ethan Forrester (b. 359)
    • Larra Forrester (b. 360)
    • Evan Forrester (b. 364)


  • Evan Forrester (310-355)
  • Sybelle Branch (312-355)
    • Colin Forrester (b. 340)
    • Mikken Forrester (b. 345)
    • Lyra Forrester (b. 347)

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