The City Watch wear cloaks, usually made of heavy wool, dyed gold. They are equipped with mail armor, iron cudgels, iron spears, dirks, and occasionally longswords.

The Gold Cloaks of Queens Landing Edit

The City Watch of Queen's Landing, the current form of the previous City Watch of King's Landing, is the guard force made up of semi-trained men-at-arms that protect and police the city of Queens Landing. Traditionally headed by the Master of Laws, a position currently unfilled, the Lord Commander of the Watch is Ser Andros Royce. The Goldcloaks, as they are still called, boast two thousand men in Queen's Landing, and another five hundred in King's Landing.

Though not as well trained as the City Watch of Lannisport, the Goldcloaks have a proud and long tradition. Founded by the Targaryens but truly established by Daemon Targaryen in 104-105 AC, the City Watch has thwarted countless riots, fires, burglary, and smuggler rings. During the infamous Dance of Dragons, the large majority of the Gold Cloaks supported the blacks, and prior to the War of Five Kings they, along with Lord Petyr Baelish, assisted in the apprehension of the traitor Eddard Stark.

Members Edit

The City Watch is made up of some two thousand five hundred fighting souls, and supported by the countless denizens of the cities they patrol. There is only one barracks in Kings Landing, near the western gate, while Queens Landing boasts four barracks, one by each major gate.

In Queens Landing Edit

  • Lord Commander Andros Royce - Head of the City Watch
    • Captain Ambrose Harte - Keeper of the Southern Gate and Overseer of the Southern Barracks
    • Captain Denys the Fisherman - Captain of the Docks and Overseer of the Eastern Barracks
      • Sergeant Bryen - Incoming Vessels and Wares
      • Sergeant Galledon Crabb - Outgoing Vessels and Wares
    • Captain Gerren - Keeper of the Western Gate and Overseer of the Western Barracks
    • Captain Jate - Keeper of the Northern Gate and Overseer of the Northern Barracks

In Kings Landing Edit

  • Commander Lucifer Gaunt - Head of the Kings Landing Garrison and Keeper of the Western Gate
    • Captain Pate - Keeper of the Northern Gate
    • Captain Rolland - Keeper of the Southern Gate

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