Cassana Tully
Future Queen of Westeros
Culture Rivermen
Gender Female
Date of Birth 348 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Beauty
Skills Alchemy, Healing, Mystic, Espionage, Covert
Negative Traits Blind
Liege Brandon Tully
Spouse Betrothed to Lyonel Baratheon
Children None
Relatives Liane Tully

Brandon Tully

Roslin Tully

Favoured Weapons None
Reddit Username /u/ToesofDoom
Alternate Characters Rúna Tawney

Belѐn Aia Rohanne Oldflowers

Cassana Tully is the third and youngest child born to Liane Tully and Jason Mallister in the eleventh moon of the year 348. She is the youngest sister of the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Brandon Tully, and has been recently betrothed to Lyonel Baratheon, the King of Westeros.

Appearance Edit

Cassana has been blessed with long, often tempestuous, auburn hair that falls in curls to her waist. Green eyes burn like wildfire--though blind, they suffer for no lack of clarity or brilliance of color. She has a fair complexion, save for the few freckles sprinkled across the bridge of her nose, and high cheekbones kissed by the natural blush afforded by youth and vitality. Cassana stands at an average height of 5'5", with a willowy frame, small breasts, and a narrow waist.

History Edit

Cassana Tully was the third and youngest child born to Liane Tully and Jason Mallister in the year 348. With auburn hair like her siblings, Roslin and Brandon, and green eyes bright enough to rival the color of wildfire, Cassana was a beauty right from the start.

Cassana scarcely knew her father, who died while she was still quite young, and her relationship with her mother could only ever be described as strained at the very best of times. While Liane took the time to teach her eldest daughter, Roslin, how to recognize the ingredients necessary for making tinctures, elixirs, salves, and poultices, as well as how to mix and meld the same, Cassana was there to follow along--a shadow in their skirts with a voracious curiosity that would not be easily quelled.

In the year 357, a sudden fever took hold of the precocious child, robbing Cassana of her sight. The illness, however, did nothing to alter the youth’s strength of mind and spirit—if anything, its effects only proved to bolster her willfulness. Green eyes remained clear, unclouded or dulled, often seeming to see straight through a person. Steps became measured, counted, and marked to memory, so that while in familiar territory, she could move about as easily as anyone else might.

With one sense impeded, the others were heightened as a matter of course. Cassana to listen, to hear the things that others who could plainly see, could otherwise miss—changes in tone or speech patterns, quickened breaths, and the stench of sweat that so often accompanied lies, for example. She learned to recognize items by their texture, weight, taste, and/or scent alone, relying on other senses for the minute details that she could no longer see. A code of holes punched through strips of paper, allowing Cassana to ‘read’ the messages by touch, became a secret shared with siblings, ensuring that unspoken communications continue unhindered.

Over the years, Cassana found that an invalid child was one easily pitied, overprotected, or ignored; one easily forgotten and very often, underestimated. Though unafraid of the darkness before her affliction, it soon became her constant companion. Cassana learned to be seen when she wanted, and to remain hidden when she did not; lessons of her own making once other, more proper teachings, like embroidery, painting, and horseback riding, had fallen to the wayside. She learned the value of whispers, of secrets, of the strength of mind necessary to keep them locked tight.

Recent Events Edit

Especially vivid dreams haunt Cassana for the better part of a week, giving rise to further suspicion with regard to Baelish motives while the siblings reside at Riverrun; she sees Viserion building a nest in the sepulchre of the old king of House Mudd and a conflict as a chasm that keeps herself and her brother divided with others at his side.[1]

Following the Lord Paramount's speech to boost the morale of his men, Cassana is intercepted and followed by Loren Baelish while en route to congratulate her brother on words well spoken. Brandon Tully chides his sister for being in the courtyard on her own amidst a crowd, and she doesn't take the admonishment well--ordering Loren out in the process. Tensions arise between brother and sister as the elder threatens to send his sister away due to the danger of the dragon lairing so near at Oldstones, while the younger reveals visions and warns her brother to have more of a care when dealing with the Baelishes.[2]

Cassana decides that if her brother will not proceed with more caution--especially where Alayne is concerned as boyhood crushes abound--that she will also treat with the Baelishes, to get a better sense of them for herself and see what she may yet learn of them. She sends notes to each: an appeal for a meeting to get better acquainted to Alayne, and an apology to Loren for her misplaced temper.[3]


With the very real threat of being sent away looming overhead and armed with some ideas of her own regarding facing the dragon, Cassana chooses to treat with the most unlikely of persons: Lord Frey. She asks for assistance in keeping an eye on the Baelishes as well as someone else to encourage her brother to look to alternative resources with regard to the dragon--namely alchemy. In exchange, she offers something of mutual benefit: a marriage for the sake of her security, that she may not be sent from her homelands, and for the sake of the betterment of his house--not to mention his decided lack of heirs. It is a business arrangement alone; a proposed contract.[4]

Alayne Baelish receives Cassana's note and invites her to dine so that they might get to know one another better. Perceived slights with regard to the Lady Tully's disability and the necessity for assistance with dinner start the evening on poor footing, which does not improve over the course of the meal as conversation continues. Their talk only serves to feed her suspicions with assurances of Alayne's ambition and biases.[5]

A chance encounter has Cassana meeting with the Lord Frey again. They take their talks behind closed doors to further discuss Cassana's ideas on alchemical solutions to the problem that is Viserion. The conversation leads to further talk of the Baelishes in light of a recent encounter between Symond and Alayne. A noise outside the door alerts the Lady Tully to the possibility that she is not the only one with eyes and ears spread throughout Riverrun; she teaches the Lord Frey a cipher of punched holes through strips of paper, that they might send messages in the future.[6]


One of her ladies in the keep chances to overhear Alayne speaking of her plans with people of her own--plans which include getting the Lord Tully to marry her. As Cassana is trying to decide how to break the news to her brother, he arrives at her door in the wake of news from Lord Frey that his sister has attempted to broker a marriage between the two houses on her own. Attempts to warn him fall on deaf ears once more; the man had already been seduced by Alayne the night before. Tensions Cassana sought to heal continue to divide the siblings.[7]

Cassana sends a rather cryptic letter to Lord Frey in her cipher, telling of what she's learned: the walls of the keep have eyes and ears that report to a mockingbird; Alayne has seduced Brandon and may already be carrying his bastard in a power-grabbing attempt at a marriage and a throne; Brandon has not taken her warnings to heart and they remain ever at odds; all experiments to date have produced nothing alchemically.[8]

When Loren Baelish finally accepts her apology, he invites her to dine with him, but she promptly refuses and offers him an invitation to dine with her instead. In an effort to put them on even ground, and perhaps to throw him off a bit, they dine in the dark confines of her rooms. Cassana is bold enough to ask why Alayne would refer to her brother as a 'loose thread' during their last conversation, sensing that the Baelishes may have separate motives.[9]

During her last conversation with her brother, Brandon admits that his only real reservation regarding a marriage to Alayne Baelish is his uncertainty as to whether or not she can bear him sons, given her age and a previous marriage with no issue as a result. Seeing this as her only chance to take, Cassana taints the food stores in the Riverrun's kitchens with abortifacients far less toxic than the ingredients found in moon tea as wide spread prevention for Tully bastards.[10]

With a dragon to face and the impending arrival of the Lannister host as well as the Greyjoy camp, there are still other important matters that require attention at Riverrun: Cassana attends Lord Bracken's trial to support her brother, even if the two haven't spoken of late.[11]

A message is delivered to Lord Frey; Cassana has concocted a substance that should help stave off the dragon's fire, making objects less flammable, if only for a few seconds more when faced with such heat, but only time will tell.[12]

Lord Frey arrives at the atelier to pick up the thick, paintable substance to begin testing it in the flames of the forge for viability before Cassana will create more. After he and her assistant have left the work room, Lady Tully knocks over a misplaced water pitcher with potentially grievous results when the water reacts with other agents upon the table, leading to a forest of icy spikes--one of which pierces the lady's left shoulder.[13]

After nearly a week in bed following the injury, Cassana awakens and refuses further pain medication. For the first time in years, eyes sense light instead of only darkness, but she tells no one. She insists that there is work to be done, having had an idea on how to try and recreate the hoarfrost that overtook her atelier for its use against Viserion. Her young assistant, Ned, finds her in the halls of the keep and leads her out to the encampment beyond the walls, where she meets once more with Lord Frey. There they begin to make list of provisions necessary to get the new work underway.[14]

Despite the pain in her shoulder, Cassana has resumed her daily efforts, working past the encampment in tents set up for her use. Ned delivers word that a raven has come and leads her back to the keep, where Maester Gordon begins to read the news of Valarr Targaryen's abdication of the throne. Cassana rushes out immediately to find her brother in the courtyard and hands over the message. Lord Tully offers his sister news of his own--that Lyonel Baratheon has written and asked for her hand in marriage. Any further discussion on the subject is silenced by the arrival of Lord Frey with Lord Robert Redfort for the time being, until another raven arrives to announce that the stag is now the King of Westeros. Cassana is overcome by this news in particular and faints.[15]


With the time to face Viserion nearing, Cassana enlists the assistance of Lord Frey and some of his men in order to test the delivery method for the hoarfrost. They practise first with a non-volatile substance before testing the actual reagents while her lord brother looks on. [16] Shortly after, she attends the Trial By Combat for Lord Bracken, never leaving Brandon's side throughout. He serves as her eyes to let her know how it fares until its disappointing end as their champion, Lord Brynden Blackwood, to whom Cassana had given her favor discreetly, falls. Bracken is declared innocent in the eyes of gods and men. [17]

Meanwhile, King Lucion Lannister, along with his host of Westermen and a band of Ironborn dragonslayers arrive in the Riverlands. Lord Benjen Hunter also arrives leading a host from the Vale. A Pact of Non-Aggression is signed between all parties involved until Viserion is slain. [18] That same afternoon, despite the pact signed, tents within the Vale encampment are set aflame. Having been working in a makeshift atelier in the campgrounds following her previous accident in the keep, Cassana decides that it is no longer worth the risk and has her tents broken down and all supplies returned to Riverrun. [19] She is certain to stop by the Valemen's camp, however, to inquire after the damage and to offer any assistance that she may on behalf of Riverrun and her brother. [20]

Family Edit

  • Liane Tully - Mother (d. 367)
  • Jason Mallister - Father (d. 352)
  • Roslin Piper, nee Tully - Sister (b. 338)
  • Brandon Tully - Brother (b. 344)

References Edit


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