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Brander Pyke is the bastard brother of Joseran Dragonsbane and an unnamed woman. Born in 304AC. He is married to Idunna Sparr and has two children, Ruadh and Runa

Early Life Edit

Born and raised on the island of Harlaw, Brander Pyke took after his father with large, broad shoulders and incredible height. He followed his half-brother Joseran everywhere, even accompanying him during the Battle of the Leviathans in 326AC. After his brother was wounded slaying the dragon Rhaegal, Brander took temporary command of the Volmark forces, while his brother was wounded.

After Joseran's death, Brander served as regent and protector of the young Rus Volmark. When the boy came of age, Brander took to the seas once more and was a famous reaver, sailing as far as Volantis and even up the river Rhoyne. He fought as a sellsail briefly, before returning to Volmark to serve at his nephew's side. He captained the ship the Ironbreaker for many years, before passing it off to his son.

Brander has two children; Ruadh, aged 19, and Runa, aged 18.

Currently Edit

Brander Pyke is currently 63 years old, and serves as an advisor to his grandnephew, Arryk Volmark. His hair is still dark despite his age, and he is still a fairly skilled warrior, able to hold is own against younger opponents. It was Brander who sought out and carved the dragonbone trophy that House Volmark treasures to this very day.

Brander is renowned in Volmark for his wisdom and good counsel. He is generally a calm man, though those who have aroused his ire say it is a sight to behold.

The Siege of the Dreadfort Edit

During the assault on the Dreadfort, Brander served as commander for the Volmark forces present. He fought beneath the banner of his liege lady Gwynesse Harlaw, and organized the retreat upon her death. Brander Pyke, in the absence of any official chain of command, then led the ships around the coast of Westeros once again, returning home to the Iron Isles.

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