The Battle of the Bogs
Part of The Ironborn Invasion of the North
The Means of the Ironborn Ambush
Date 367 AC
Location The Neck
Weather Fair
Result Crushing Ironborn Victory, Capture of Several Northern Lords
The Iron Islands The North
Harren Greyjoy, Gwynesse Harlaw, Ragnarr Farwynd, Svenrir Farwynd, Arryk Volmark. Roose Bolton, Harold Snow
500 Ironborn Infantrymen 400 Northern Infantrymen, 100 Northern Knights
Surrounded the Northmen on three sides Formed a shieldwall, with horses, carts, and non-combatants in the center
100 Ironborn warriors, Ragnarr Farwynd 490 Northmen, Maggie Mormont

The Battle of the Bogs was a skirmish between the Ironborn forces of Torric Greyjoy and the Northern forces of Roose Bolton who were returning from the Grand Council of Harrenhal. The skirmish occurred in the Neck as the northern party was reaching Moat Cailin.

The main combatants included:

The Battle Edit

The Northern host was traveling north along the Kingsroad, in the swampy lands between Greywater Watch and Moat Cailin. The Ironborn army was hidden in the nearby treeline to the side. It began when Ragnarr Farwynd led 100 men in an attack from the north. They charged at the Northmen as they quickly fell into formation.

Gwynesse Harlaw led 200 men from the treeline, first firing arrows before charging into the side of the host. The Northmen held rank and pushed forward to Moat Cailin. Meanwhile, Harren Greyjoy led 200 men and attacked from the south.

The North broke formation from the continuing onslaught. The Ironborn circled their enemies, searching for Roose Bolton. The Lord Paramount of the North nearly escaped on horseback, when an axe thrown by Arryk Volmark brought down his horse. Roose Bolton was then swiftly apprehended. Turning to the remaining lords and ladies of the North, the Ironborn captured the large majority. Alysaane Karstark escaped on horseback. Maggie Mormont was slain in battle with Arryk Volmark, though not before breaking the warrior's leg. Harold Snow met Ragnarr Farwynd in single combat and took the Ironborn's head before escaping the battle.

Results Edit

  • Killed:
    • 490 Northmen
    • Maggie Mormont
    • 100 Ironborn
    • Ragnarr Farwynd
    • Victaria Pyke
  • Captured
    • Roose Bolton
    • Edderion Bolton
    • Rogar Ryswell
    • Jeor Mormont
    • Harron Karstark
    • 5 Northmen
  • Living
    • 400 Ironborn
    • Harren Greyjoy
    • Arryk Volmark
    • Svenrir Farwynd
    • Gwynesse Harlaw
    • 10 Northmen
    • Harold Snow
    • Alysanne Karstark
    • Renton Ryswell
    • Roasline Ryswell
    • Dacey Mormont
    • Jeor Cerwyn
    • Styr Karstark

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