Battle of the Barrows
Part of the Return of the Wolf
The final battle took place in the hills outside of Barrowton, at the camp of Torrhen Karstark
Date First Moon of Spring, 368AC
Location Outside of Barrowton
Weather Clear skies, after midnight
House Bolton

House Dustin

House Karstark
Edderion Bolton

Domeric Dustin

Brandon Stark

Sigorn Karstark Torrhen Karstark

2850 men 7000 men
Direct assault led by Domeric Dustin, followed by a cavalry charge into the rear by Edderion Bolton Base camp with palisades, regular patrols. Reinforcing charge from Brandon Stark
~2800 men ~3200 men
The Battle of the Barrows was a decisive conflict in the North between the forces loyal to House Bolton and those loyal to House Stark. It was precipitated after the Lord of Barrowton, Domeric Dustin, executed Lord Styr Karstark, who had come to demand his fealty to the young Brandon Stark.

Background Edit

Sent as an emissary by Brandon Stark, Styr Karstark traveled to Barrowton with a host of three thousand men to discover where the allegiance of House Dustin lay. They made camp ten miles out from the town, Lord Karstark choosing to leave his son Torrhen in charge of their camp while he went to treat with Domeric Dustin personally.

After a brief discussion in Barrow Hall, negotiations between Styr and Domeric sour. Lord Dustin attacks, mortally wounding the Lord of Karhold before killing him outright with his flail. With the Styr Karstark dead and his son and army as of yet unawares, Domeric decides to press his advantage and attack the Karstark army at camp.

The Skirmish in the Hills Edit

The Dustin army advances into the hills, a small portion of them baiting the larger Karstark force with the decapitated head of Styr Karstark, thrown into their ranks. The Karstark army advances a short ways into the hills, harried all the while by Dustin forces, but decides to retreat on the orders of Torrhen Karstark, who fears a trap. They return to their camp, and begin to fortify in case of future assault.

Messengers Edit

Torrhen Karstark sends riders to his liege lord Brandon Stark, who delegates Sigorn Karstark and three thousand men to support the men already at Barrowton.

Meanwhile, riders reach Edderion Bolton in the Rills, telling him of the imminent siege of Barrowton. He gathers the thousand men he raised from House Ryswell, and rides south to relieve the town. A few miles out he sends the bulk of his force east, under the command of Vortimer Snow and Rodrick Ryswell, while he himself continues on to Barrowton to meet with Domeric.

The Battle in the Dale Edit

Sigorn Karstark's men arrive late in the evening, setting up camp with the men of Torrhen Karstark. The brothers embrace and discuss the fate of their father, and their defensive positions.

In the west, Domeric Dustin and his men lie in wait for the right moment to strike.

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