Ser Baldwin

Ser Baldwin Lefford is the only son of House Lefford of the Golden Tooth. His family are bannermen to House Lannister. He is four-and-twenty years old and a knight.

History Edit

As a young boy he was always more interested in playing with his wooden sword than he was listening to the Maester ramble on about this or that. His mind was too active for studies with books, he had too much energy and thus never truly learnt to read. The young Baldwin lived off of stories of Ser Barristan the Bold, or Ser Duncan the Tall. He would obsess over Jousting tournaments, and even had a favorite Knight in the Westerlands. He pleaded with his father to let him squire for Ser Garold Sarsfield, a Knight that young Baldwin idolized beyond all Knights. The Lefford House prestige and obvious youthful loyalty Baldwin had was enough for Ser Garold to agree to take the boy under his wing.

Years of devoted training would strengthen the beautiful boy, turning him into a paragon of virtue. His handsome looks helped quickly turn him into a favorite at the joust. The talented young lad entered as many tournaments as possible; it wasn’t long before he won a prestigious title of Tournament Champion. Wanting to become more than just a tournament Knight, he wanted to dedicate himself to his land and his people. Baldwin now searches to become known in the Westerlands as a True Knight, adhering to the Chivalric code and protecting the weak.

Timeline Edit

343 AC: Born At Golden Tooth

353 AC: Becomes Paige for Ser Garold Sarsfield

355 AC: Became a Squire for Ser Garold Sarsfield

361 AC: Baldwin Lefford is anointed in the seven oils by a Septon

365 AC: He won a prestigious Jousting Tournament in Westerlands, giving him some recognition among the smallfolk

367 AC: Present Day

Family Edit

  • Gareth Lefford, His Father, Lord of the Golden Tooth
  • Alyx Plumm, His Mother
    • Ser Baldwin Lefford (24)
    • Alyssa Lefford (16)
    • Abigail Lefford (16)
  • Alyce Lefford, Unspecified relationship, Goodsister of Gerion Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock

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