Archmaester of Medicines and Healing
Gandalf portrait by suc of-d5djys2
Culture Stormlander
Aliases -
Gender Male
Date of Birth 301 Ac
Date of Death -
Gifts Ambidextrous
Skills Alchemy, Healing, Bilingual (High Valyrian), Sabotage
Negative Traits Old Age, Weak
Liege -
Spouse -
Children -
Relatives -
Favoured Weapons -
Reddit Username -
Alternate Characters Luthor Tyrell, Svenrir Farwynd, Aethan Marbrand

Baelor Storm is the Archmaester of Medicines and Healing.

History Edit

Baelor Storm was born a bastard in 301 AC to Lady Alynne Connington. While she was made a captive by Jon Connington, she became pregnant. Baelor was born nine moons later, being named after Baelor the Blessed. After Aegon VI took Storms End and before moving on to Kings Landing, Alynne was left to return to her home. After returning to Griffin’s Roost (now known as Fox's Den), she raised Baelor as any other mother would.

He was always a curious child, wanting to learn anything he could about everything he got his hands on. As he aged, he became more and more devoted to the Faith of the Seven and spent almost all of his time in the Sept of Fox's Den, or reading up on the history of the Seven and other things alike. There was a point in time where he wanted to become a Septon, but decided not to in the pursuit of more knowledge. He stayed pious as he aged more, but devoted more of his time to learning and accumulating knowledge.

At the age of one and twenty, he decided to take leave of Fox's Den and join The Citadel in pursuit of becoming a Maester. There he studied more than ever before, learning a myriad of history, miscellaneous skills and even another language altogether; Learning High Valyrian made Baelor bilingual. His chains hold a mural of links including black iron for studying ravenry, copper for studying history, silver for studying medicines and healing, lead for poisons and other alchemy related skills, and many more including Valyrian Steel, but as the study of the occult is mostly frowned upon he keeps those links hidden behind other chains. As time went on his chain became longer as he added more and more links. Eventually it became too long and another was created, and after that was too long another was created. Altogether he currently boasts two dozen chains totalling at about twenty four links.

He currently resides at the Citadel as Archmaester of Medicines and Healing.

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