Axell Florent Edit

Axell Florent
Lord Of Foxes Den
Kingdom of Heaven 2005 (1)
Lord Axell Florent
Culture Stormlander
Gender Male
Date of Birth 325 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 2
Skills Logistics, Engineering, Navigator
Negative Traits Ugly, face is scarred
Liege King Lyonel Baratheon
Spouse Ashara Selmy
Children Cassana Florent

Bryen Florent Alester Florent Selyse Florent

Relatives Stannis Florent and his son, Richard Florent
Favoured Weapons A longsword, only used when he fights, which is rare.
Reddit Username /u/LeAxell , /u/Shaznash
Alternate Characters
Lord Axell Florent is Lord of Foxes Den and head of House Florent

History Edit

Axell Florent was born in the year 325 AC. At a young age, he started to become more and more handsome. He would sleep with many serving girls, to his fathers displesaure. As a boy he never enjoyed swordswork, preferring to read of strategy, putting him on the path of becomming one of the Stormlands finest commanders. He was still handsome up until age 17, where he suffered a sword blow to his face. He lived, but suffers a scar, making him uglier to the girls he once courted. After this event, he became isolated, and lonley. He was said to be the ugliset man in Foxes Den. Axell in his isolated time, managed to study nearly all the books on strategy, tactics and pitched battles. When he could, he would dream himself leading an army in battle. He remained very lonley, until he met Ashara Selmy, when visitng their lord with his father. At the age of 22, she was only 19. She charmed his heart by looking past his scar, connecting with the tactial mind but lonely mind withen. A year later they were married. Axell Florent broke free from his isolation, changing his world. He and his wife loved each other much, giving birth to four children, Cassana, Bryen, Alester and Selyse. As he grew older, he became a more respected battle commander and tactian. He is close friends with Simon Seaworth.

Family Edit

Ashara Florent/Selmy: His loving wife

- Cassana Florent, his eldest daugther

-Bryen Florent, his eldest son.

-Alester Florent and Selyse Florent: Twins

Stannis Florent: His younger Brother

-Richard Florent, Stannis' eldest son

Cassana florent

Axell Florents eldest daugther, Cassana


Bryen Florent, Axells Eldest son

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