Axel Baratheon, of House Baratheon, is the son of Halys and Roslyn (Seaworth) Baratheon. Axel 29 years old, stands at 6'2 and sports traditional Baratheon black hair with brown eyes. He has a very sharp angler face. Often changes his appearance.

Axel Baratheon
Scion of House Baratheon
Culture Stormlander
Aliases Smuggler
Gender Male
Date of Birth 339 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Martially Adept
Skills Smuggling, Covert
Negative Traits
Liege King Lyonel Baratheon
Relatives King Lyonel Baratheon, Criston Baratheon
Favoured Weapons Sword, Dagger, and Knifes
Reddit Username /u/unicornpuncher
Alternate Characters Thorren Forrester

History Edit

Born 339 AC, Axel was raised with the benefits of traditional highborn upbringing and showed exceptional combat prowess. His adapt martial skills were honed by his father's man-at-arms, Illo, a foreigner who taught Axel the art of camouflage and deception, and how to be a covert thinker and fighter. Around 352 Axel suffered from a terrible fever. Many believed he would pass but after a month of illness he recovered and by the end of the year seemed to be completely healthy. With his recovery complete he was given important governing roles as was expected of a lord of his age. Eventually strong disagreements between him and his family over his method of leadership lead to a rifted between him and his house. His father suggested he join the Night's Watch, instead Axel sold everything of value he had and went into a self-imposed exile. Axel began working as a smuggler, and took to the roguish lifestyle it brought. About 361 AL, Axel encountered a bastard by the name of Brewer Hill who had ran a fowl some Ironborn. Axel saw heart in the kid and decided to save him and pay off his debt. After that Brewer became Axel's right hand and jokingly they called themselves the bastard smugglers. For many years Axel has crisscrossed the realm seeing more of the seven kingdoms than most in a lifetime.

Timeline Edit

  • 339 AL - Axel Baratheon is born.
  • 352 AL - Almost dies of a fever.
  • 356 AL - Axel has a falling out with his family and leaves.
  • 358 AL - Starts his career as a smuggler.
  • 361 AL - Axel saves Brewer Hill and takes him on as a partner.

Family Edit

  • Father - Halys Baratheon (b. 319)
  • Mother - Roslyn (Seaworth) Baratheon (b. 318)
  • Axel Baratheon (b. 339)
  • Uncle - Renly Baratheon (d.361)
  • Aunt - Cassana of Tarth (d.???)
  • Cousin - Lyonel Baratheon (b. 341 AC), Lord Paramount of the Storm Lands
  • Cousin - Criston Baratheon (b. 355 AC)

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