Vital statistics
Type Keep
Level N/A
Location Westerlands
Inhabitants Lord Aethan Marbrand

Lady Rohanne Marbrand

Lady Jeyne Kenning

Ser Loren

Ser Harys

Kyla Marbrand

Damon Marbrand

Ashemark is the castle of House Marbrand in the hilly regions of the Westerlands. It is located southeast of The Crag, northwest of the Golden Tooth and north of Sarsfield.

History Edit

During the War of the Five Kings, King Robb Stark takes Ashemark along with other Westerland keeps. After the death of King Robb at the Twins (otherwise known to the realm as the Red Wedding), the Westerland keeps are vacated of any Northern troops.

Approximately twenty years later, Ashemark saw combat again in the Harvest War. Lord Paramount Tyrion Lannister sent 7,000 men to destroy Ser Addam Marbrand in Ashemark in hopes to cut off the rebellion before it started. But in the night, Lord Addam Marbrand slaughtered the entire camp, taking only a select few knights and the commander hostage. The corpses of the slain were hung up on posts along the river road from a halfway point between Ashemark and Casterly Rock, up to the Golden Tooth. Signs were looped around their necks saying “we support the Lord of the Ashes.”

Tyrion, who hoped that the Golden Tooth and Ashemark together could trap Lord Brax, sent Forley Prester with eight thousand men to Ashemark in an attempt to claim it. On the march to Ashemark, at least two hundred men abandon the Lannister cause when they see the bloody corpses posted every mile along the river road. With only a few hundred men holding Ashemark, the castle is easily taken when Forley Prester offers the castellan Lannister gold for surrendering. The castellan, seeing that he is hopelessly surrounded, consents to the deal and is later hanged when a soldier realized that this castellan was the same one that held Ashemark on the day Addam Marbrand slaughtered the Westermen.

After the Harvest War ends in 326 AC, the keep is returned to Lord Addam Marbrand.

A few months into Lord Lorent Marbrands rule, he commissioned a copper sepulcher of Lord Addam "The Lord of Ashes" Marbrand. It was placed in the city square of Ashemark where it still stands today.

Now, in coordination with the Ironborn, Lord Aethan Marbrand marches with King Lucion Lannister against the Iron Throne in hopes to once and for all set the Seven Kingdoms back to the way they were before the Targaryen rule.

Inhabitants Edit

Lord Aethan Marbrand - Lord of Ashemark and patriarch of House Marbrand.

Lady Rohanne Marbrand nee Lannister - Lady of Ashemark and matriarch of House Marbrand

Kyla Marbrand - Daughter of Aethan and Rohanne Marbrand.

Damon Marbrand - Son of Aethan and Rohanne Marbrand, heir of Ashemark.

Lady Jeyne Kenning - Mother of Aethan Marbrand.

Ser Loren - Castellan of Ashemark.

Ser Harys - Commander of the Ashenguard.

Ser Janos - Lord Aethan Marbrand's personal guard.

Ser Ronald - Lord Aethan Marbrand's personal guard.

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