The Arrowheads are a band of mercenaries of Westerosi origin.

The Arrowheads are a Westerosi mercenary company formed by Merrin Osgrey and his two companions in 363 AC.

History Edit

The Arrowhead mercenary company was formed in the Stepstones by Merrin Osgrey, a Westerosi adventurer; Hayle Slade, his childhood friend and a pirate; and Malcom, a marksman and sellsword.

The three founders were united by the greatest of chance in the Stepstones after years of seperation, all Westerosi and all fleeing from poverty in Westeros. Together they built a name for themselves in Essos, the disputed lands and the Stepstones, spending four years fighting for various lords and factions. In the year 367 AC, with their numbers having swollen to several score, Merrin Osgrey lead his band of men home to Goldengrove, where they were hired by Lord Flement Rowan.

Members Edit

Though the Arrowheads boast an army numbering in the dozens, these men are the most distinguished of the lot.

Merrin Osgrey - Founder, Commander, and Lord of Standfast.

Hayle "Slade" - Lieutentant Commander, Captain of the Queen's Gambit.

Malcom - Lieutenant Commander

Tormo - Veteran, Ex-Bearded Priest slave

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