Alyse Tarly
Lady of Horn Hill
Culture Reachman (Andal)
Gender Female
Date of Birth 347 AL
Date of Death --
Gifts Voice
Skills Dancing, High-harp
Negative Traits
Liege House Tyrell
Spouse Dareon Ashford
Children Serra Ashford
Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/LibertyMoon
Alternate Characters Sister Serina

Alyse Tarly is the Lady of Horn Hill, wife of Dareon Ashford, and eldest daughter of Lord Leyton Tarly and Lady Alenis Osgrey.

Appearance Edit

Alyse is lithe and of tall stature, with long, calloused fingers from harp strings. Like her sisters and mother, she has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with a defined nose and pale skin. Her hair is often decorated with flowers and she typically wears her sigil colors of green or red.

History Edit

Alyse was born in 347 AL, the firstborn to Leyton and Alenis Tarly. In 349 AL, she learned how to properly dance, beginning formal lessons, alongside her singing lessons. Shortly afterwards, septas and maesters teach her the art of plucking harp strings. Initially, Alyse wanted to play the lute, but her mother forbade it, finding it to be an instrument for commoners. Her other lessons were all but neglected, such as the history of the realm, etiquette, embroidery, horseback riding, and so on. She boasts the memory of different songs from all the Seven Kingdoms, from funeral songs to tavern chants.

Lord Tarly took an immediate liking to both his wards, Alester Tyrell and Dareon Ashford, betrothing the latter to Alyse in 354 AL. He thought of them as sons in lieu of his three daughters, and named Dareon his heir, giving him the ancestral Tarly sword, Heartsbane. Dareon and Alyse are married in 366 AL and had a daughter, Serra, a year later. Lord Tarly passed of illness in his sleep in 367 AL, while Dareon was away in Queen's Landing.

Timeline Edit

347 AL: Alyse is born

349 AL: Alyse learns how to dance

354 AL: Alyse is betrothed to Dareon Ashford.

355 AL: Alyse begins her harp lessons

366 AL: Alyse and Dareon wed.

367 AL: Alyse gives birth to a daughter, Serra.

Family Edit

Her father: Lord Leyton Tarly (d. 367 AL)


The late Leyton Tarly

Her mother: Lady Alenis Osgrey

Her sister: Clarissa Tarly (b. 348 AL)

Her sister: Larra Tarly (b. 350 AL)

Her husband: Dareon Ashford (b. 345 AL)

Her daughter: Serra Ashford (b. 367 AL)

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