Ser Alester Mertyns is the third born son of Lord Brynden Mertyns of Mistwood. His family are bannermen to House Baratheon. They blazon their arms with a white great horned owl on grey.

History Edit

Alester was born the third son of Brynden Mertyns and Elyana Estermont. He was raised at Mistwood and was treated the same as his brothers but from a young age he knew that he would have to forge his own path to success. Mertyns read constantly and took a particular interest in Braavosi water dancing style of fighting. The boy applied the techniques into his fighting style when the castellan was training the three brothers. It allowed him to take down his two larger brothers but the technique was criticized by the castellan. His father approved though as his technique benefited from his smaller and more agile stature. At the young age of twelve he was sent to squire for Lord Toland. The man was weary of such a small boy squiring to him for a while but he soon realized the boy was capable of handling himself.

Mertyns then dedicated himself over the next few years to learning from Lord Toland and was knighted at seventeen years old after a small skirmish with some bandits where Alester proved his worth. Alester then served as a swornsword to Toland for a year before deciding to take a journey to the Free Cities. While on his journey he ended up joining with the Second Sons despite technically being a third son. He learned the bothers of being just another name and the tragedy and rewards of battle. It was during these travels abroad he became bilingual learning Low Valyrian with some teaching from his company and some interesting encounters in the Free Cities.

He served with them for three and a half years before deciding to return to Westeros specifically King's Landing to go to the court completely unaware of any of the political events that happened in the last four years even that of his own family.

Recent Events: Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Alester is small standing at only 5'8 and is also light of build that is not to say he is not muscular, he is well toned more than anything. He has shaved hair on the sides and back and a brown mop combed to the right side on top. Mertyns has a tanned complexion from his time abroad. His blue eyes are piercing and probably his most defining feature to an otherwise average face.

Quotes: Edit

Family Edit

  • Lord Brynden Mertyns, His Father, Lord of Mistwood
  • Lady Elyana Mertyns, formerly of House Estermont, His Mother, Lady of Mistwood
    • Ser Edric Mertyns, oldest brother and heir to Mistwood
    • Ser Bryon Mertyns, older brother currently in service to his uncle on his mother's side.
    • Ser Alester Mertyns

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