Alerie Tyrell
Lady of Brightwater Keep
Alerie Tyrell
Culture Reachman
Gender Female
Date of Birth 351 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Voice
Skills Singing, Instrument Proficiency - Harp
Negative Traits
Liege Alester Tyrell
Relatives Leo Tyrell

Alester Tyrell

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/Dark_Red_Roses
Alternate Characters Marissa Lannister

Alayne Baelish


Alerie Tyrell is the Lady of Brightwater Keep.

Appearance Edit

Alerie is best described as pretty, with a thin face and amber eyes. She is similar to her cousin Olenna in that she has a thin frame and stands nearly as tall as her counterpart. Her voice is deep.

History Edit

Alerie Tyrell acquired her gifts through her Septa and her Maester. From an early age, Alerie was always a gifted child in certain aspects, and learned how to make things such as Moon Tea and actual Tea with ease, and before long she was making potions and healing salves for the ill. In other times, Alerie perfected the art of singing by toning her voice with great care, often playing with the high harp.

Recent Events Edit

367 AC Edit

Alerie attended the Great Council with her father, Leo Tyrell. After returning to Brightwater Keep, her father declared himself Lord Paramount, and was summoned thereafter by Valarr Targaryen, and was imprisoned soon after for charges of treason. Alerie was named Lady Paramount of the Reach, however, the King decided it best to name Alester Tyrell in her stead.

In a fit of rage, Alerie hurt herself several times in a row, refusing to eat or drink. She accompanied Alester back to Highgarden, where she learned soon after that Hyle Hightower had sieged Brightwater Keep.

368 AC Edit

Confined to a single room for weeks on-end, Alerie returned to Brightwater Keep once Alester restored her titles, hanging Hyle Hightower's commander at the noose and letting the rest of the garrison live, which she came to regret later. Her and the maid Sera began a friendship before Galahad Darkwood came to her to reaffirm his oath to her and her father.

With the question of succession, Alerie planned on travelling to her vassal's holdings to select a suitor.

Timeline Edit

351 AC: Alerie Tyrell is born

357 AC: Alerie becomes a lady in waiting for Olenna Tyrell.

367 AC: Attends the Great Council with her father.

Family Edit

  • Leo Tyrell, Her Father (43)
  • Lyarra Fossoway, Her Mother (Deceased)
    • Alerie Tyrell (16)
    • Lyanne Tyrell, Her Sister (13)

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