Aenys Velaryon
Lord of the Tides
Tumblr n16ur7IQjO1qcy17ko1 500
Culture Crownlander (High Valyrian)
Aliases The Little Seahorse
Gender Male
Date of Birth 357 AC
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership
Skills Sailing and Painting
Negative Traits Burned Right Arm (Now a Major Injury)
Liege Alysanne Targaryen (Formerly)

Lyonel Baratheon

Spouse None
Children None
Relatives Viserys Velaryon

Rhaella Velaryon

Favoured Weapons Spear
Reddit Username /u/ThatTallGuyAndy
Alternate Characters Halgrim Locke,

Ruadh Bloodshore,

Olyvar Martell

Aenys Velaryon is the Lord of the Tides, Master of Driftmark, and the youngest son to Daeron Velaryon. He is a member of House Velaryon, one of the oldest Houses in Westeros.

Appearance Edit

Aenys has platinum hair, violet eyes, and a comely face. Aenys is very quick and lithe, like his sister. Overall he is a pleasant looking young boy. He does hide a serious burn he received as a child. He was exploring Driftmark Castle and was burned in the armory forge. His right arm up the elbow is scarred as such.He hides the burn under his sleeve and always wears a glove over his right hand.

History Edit

Aenys was born in 357 AC to Daeron Velaryon. Aenys has always wanted to be a Knight like his brother. Ever since he was a child, Aenys looked upon the Knights of Driftmark with awe. His dreams ended when he was burned when he was six due to an accident in the forge. The Maester said he would probably lose the arm and never regain function, but Aenys refused that. He slowly regained the use of his right arm now only experiencing a little pain every now and again and the horrific scarring. Aenys loves to marvel at the beauty of the world, and expresses this through his art. He is very skilled at painting and does it frequently. He is also equally skilled at sailing. Aenys loves his family tremendously, and mourns his father and brother. He is determined to protect his sister and keep her safe.

Timeline Edit

357 AC- Aenys is born

364 AC- Aenys is burned in a accident in the Castle Driftmark forge

366 AC- Daeron Velaryon dies

367 AC- Viserys Velaryon dies. Aenys in turn inherits the titles of Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark. He is being tutored by his sister, Rhaella, in Queen's Landing.

368 AC, Fourth Moon- Aenys starts to squire for Lord Steffon Mertyns

Family Edit

  • {Daeron Velaryon} - [ - 366]
  • Unkown Wife

His Household Edit

Ser Darren of Driftmark, a lowborn guard who was just recently knighted, his personal guard and friend

Maester Crellen, Healer, tutor, mentor, currently at High Tide in place of Aenys

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