Aemon Fowler
Lord of Skyreach
Culture Stony Dornish
Gender Male
Date of Birth 324
Date of Death
Gifts Sums
Skills Engineer, Fortifier, Logistics, Torturer
Negative Traits
Liege Olyvar Martell
Spouse Janei Jordayne
Children Daemon - 23

Sarella - 21 Balon - 17 Tyra - 17 Ashara - 7

Relatives Doran Fowler - Brother

Quentyn Yronwood - Goodbrother

Favoured Weapons
Reddit Username /u/fowlerplay
Alternate Characters Axell Swann, Lyonel Crane
Aemon Fowler is the Lord of Skyreach and Warden of the Prince's Pass, he is 43 years old

History Edit

Born in 324 to Lady Jeyne Fowler, the elder brother of Lady Alyria Fowler and Ser Doran Fowler, Aemon was gifted from a young age with a grasp of arithmetic and literacy, and took a keen interest in the histories of the kingdoms, in particular his own house, and the long standing animosity between them and the Lords of the Dornish Marches in the Stormlands, he learned of the fortifications that they had used for centuries to keep his ancestors at bay, and studied the tactics of both sides, the defenders and the attackers, and became rather adept at creating small fortifications out of wood while playing with the other children, and destroying theirs in turn. As he grew Aemon's skills grew with him, and he was put in charge of improving his mother's castle, strengthening the walls and gates, the logistics of such a matter were child's play for someone as skilled with numbers as he was, and under his supervision huge improvements were made to Skyreach, including the building of a huge wall and gate across the wide way. During one of these works however, while procuring more sandstone, Aemon's party were set upon by a band of bandits, who crushed his leg with a stone, permanently crippling him, after his guards captured his attackers Aemon took great pleasure in causing each one excruciating pain before delivering his final justice. Aemon married Janei Jordayne and has had 5 children by her.

Appearance Edit

A slim, greying man, tanned from the Dornish sun, short, close cut hair with a small, well trimmed, beard, a golden colour, but with the slightest flecks of grey creeping in, crippled left leg.

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