Addam Vance
Lord of Wayfarer's Rest
Culture Riverman
Gender Male
Date of Birth 344
Date of Death
Gifts Leadership 2
Skills Blunt Weapons

Horse Riding

Negative Traits
Liege Lord Brandon Tully
Spouse Marianne Vance neé Piper
Children Elys Vance (daughter)

Jon Vance (son) Damon Vance (son) Lacey Vance (daughter)

Relatives Lord Jon Vance (father)

Lady Cyrenna Vance neé Bracken (mother) Ellery Vance (sister) Marissa Vance (sister) Gwynesse Vance (sister)

Favoured Weapons Morningstar
Reddit Username /u/KingInTheNorth8302
Alternate Characters None

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