This list is for all characters that are being actively played, have been previously played, or are established and open, and who plays them. Alternate characters will have the name of the player's primary character beside their name. Please sort your character by region of where their House seat is.

The CrownlandsEdit

Queen's Landing - BaratheonEdit

King's Landing - Baratheon

Dragonstone - TargaryenEdit

Driftmark - VelaryonEdit

Claw Isle - CeltigarEdit

Stokeworth - Blackwater Edit

Duskendale - Rykker Edit

Hayford - Hayford Edit

Stonedance - Massey Edit

Dorne Edit

Sunspear - Martell Edit

Starfall - Dayne Edit

Yronwood - Yronwood Edit

Blackmont - Blackmont Edit

Kingsgrave - Manwoody Edit

Skyreach - Fowler Edit

Hellholt - Uller Edit

The Tor - Jordayne Edit

Wyl - Wyl Edit

The Iron IslandsEdit

Pyke - Greyjoy Edit

Volmark - VolmarkEdit

Hammerhorn - Goodbrother Edit

Nettlebank - Tawney Edit

Lordsport - Botley Edit

The NorthEdit

Winterfell - StarkEdit

Karhold - Karstark Edit

Last Hearth - Umber Edit

Skagos - Magnar Edit

Greywater Watch - Reed Edit

Ironrath - Forrester Edit

Torrhen's Square - Tallhart Edit

White Harbor - Manderly Edit

Highpoint - Whitehill Edit

Oldcastle - Locke Edit

Hornwood - Hornwood Edit

The ReachEdit

Highgarden - Tyrell Edit

Brightwater Keep - TyrellEdit

Oldtown - HightowerEdit

The Arbor - Redwyne Edit

Old Oak - Oakheart Edit

Horn Hill - Tarly Edit

Red Lake - Crane Edit

Honeyholt - Beesbury Edit

The Ring - Roxton Edit

Sommerset - Oldflowers Edit

Blackcrown - Bulwer Edit

  • Jack Bulwer - played by /u/yo_its_max

The RiverlandsEdit

Riverrun - TullyEdit

The Twins - Frey Edit

Harrenhal - Baelish Edit

Wayfarer's Rest - Vance Edit

Lychester - Smallfolk Edit

Maidenpool - Mooton Edit

Raventree Hall - Blackwood Edit

Inn at the Crossroads - The Rogues Gallery Edit

The StormlandsEdit

Storm's End - BaratheonEdit

Stonehelm - Swann Edit

Blackhaven - Dondarrion Edit

Crow's Nest - Morrigen Edit

Foxes Den - Florent Edit

Rainwood - Seaworth Edit

Parchments - Penrose Edit

Felwood - Fell Edit

Harvest Hall - Selmy Edit

Mistwood - Mertyns Edit

The ValeEdit

Gulltown - ArrynEdit

Heart's Home - Corbray Edit

Redfort - Redfort Edit

Strongsong - Arryn Edit

Longbow Hall - Hunter Edit

Ironoaks - Waynwood Edit

Ninestars - Templeton Edit

The WesterlandsEdit

Casterly Rock - LannisterEdit

Lannisport - LannisterEdit

Ashemark - Marbrand Edit

Boar's Head - Vikary Edit

Kayce - Kenning Edit

Crakehall - Crakehall Edit

The Wall and BeyondEdit

The Wall Edit


The Free Cities Edit

Andalos Edit

Braavos - Prestayn Edit

Elyria Edit

Lys - Rogare Edit

Pentos Edit

Qarth Edit

Qohor - Vikari Edit

Stepstones - Brightscale Edit

  • Jachaerys Brightscale - played by /u/LHC_The_Imp

Tyrosh - Varantys Edit

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