A Battle of Faith
Part of The War that Never Was
Faith Militant
Date 1st Moon of 368 AC
Location Queen's Landing/King's Landing
Weather Gloomy
Result Ongoing
Forces of the Faith Defenders of the Throne
High Septon

Ser Corlys Sunglass

Lord Ardrian Celtigar

Lord Lyonel Baratheon
Ser Andros Royce
Grand Maester Ronnel
Captain-General Richard Silverwood

Faith Militant
  • ~ 8,000 Poor Fellows
  • ~ 650 Warrior's Sons

Forces loyal to Houses Buckwell, Massey and Wendwater

  • ~ 5,500 soldiers
Forces loyal to the Throne

Forces loyal to House Baratheon

  • ~ 100 guardsmen in Ashen Keep
  • ~ 2,000 men-at-arms in the streets

Golden Company

  • ~ 1,500 soldiers in the streets

Forces loyal to Houses Celtigar, Rykker, Brune, Bar Emmon, Hayford, Staunton

  • ~ 10,400 soldiers

Undetermined amount of soldiers and guardsmen House Arryn

Undetermined Lucas Caswell+

Daemon Rykker+
Igon Vywrel+
Harrold Waynwood+


[The High Septon] claims himself King on the grounds of the words of a shameful coward and denies me my claim on ground that his comes before blood.

A Battle of Faith was a major conflict occuring in Queen's Landing during the first moon of 368 AC. It was a conflict fought between forces loyal to the faith, and the High Septon and a defense initiated by Ardrian Celtigar and Lyonel Baratheon.


Background Edit

Upon receiving news of the kidnapping of Alysanne Targaryen, King Valarr Targaryen entered a fit of rage ending with the death of three members of his Kingsguard. Shortly after, Valarr arrived at the docks of Queen's Landing with the intent to sail for Dragonstone. At this time, forces led by the High Septon arrived and demanded that Valarr organize the rescue party for his betrothed. Upon refusing, the High Septon demanded that Valarr abdicate the throne, to which Valarr agreed. Shortly after, troops led by Ardrian Celtigar arrived, in hopes to save the King and prevent his act of cowardice. Lord Celtigar was unsuccessful, and after failed negotiations with the High Septon, chaos ensued in the capital. Valarr Targaryen surrendered the Throne to the High Septon, surrendered his prized Valayrian Steel Sword to Celtigar, and made way to flee Westeros for good.

Initial Conflict Edit


- Arryns, Baratheon, Royce, Blackwater, reconvene in the Ashen Keep.

- Royce fails to send a message to the Gold Cloaks to order them to seal the gates to the capital.

- Ardrian Celtigar, after being hassled by the Warrior's Sons, manages to return to the Ashen Keep. He sends a warrior in advance, armed with Dragon's Call to warn the members of the Small Council.

- Poor Fellows and Warrior's Sons begin to return to the city.

- Movement of the Baratheon Host/GC outside the city.

- Lord Kayl Rykker is sent to acquire the loyalty of the Crownlords, numbering 19,000 soldiers at the time

- Lyonel Baratheon's terms, delivered by Lord Ardrian Celtigar, are rejected by the High Septon

- Golden Company, though initially loyal to defecting Master of Coin, Ser Bronn Blackwater, enters the battle on the side of the Throne

- The loyalties of the Crownlords camping near Queen's Landing are split, leaving Houses Buckwell, Massey and Wendwater join the High Septon, and Houses Celtigar, Rykker, Brune, Bar Emmon, Hayford, Staunton join Lyonel Baratheon

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